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Duty engineer notes

On this page you should find links to all technical documentation of interest to the duty engineer. If something is missing, please let me know!

The telescope computer runs the telescope control system (TCS). It compares 'local siderial time', provided by the time service, with the object coordinates and controls the telescope through a CAMAC interface. The position of each axis of the telescope is measured by an optical disc encoder. The encoder gives out a train of pulses which are counted (up or down) by a Hytec CAMAC module. There is one module for each axis. The encoder position is compared with where the computer calculates that the telescope ought to be and it then applies a correction as necessary. CAMAC converts this correction to an analog signal. This is fed to the power amplifier which is connected to the drive motors.

To plot encoder logs use the PLOT program from the 'genuser' or the 'tcsmgr' account.

Electronics spares documentation.

Detectors and UltraDAS

Detector information and DE information provided by the ING detector group.

Operations manual for UltraDAS


General description of the 1.0m Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope.

Servo system manual

Detailed JKT Duty Engineer checks and a short reminder list:

  • check log book; switch lights on; move floor down
  • shutdown TCS, DAS, ICS; restart TCS, DAS, ICS
  • move dome +/-; open/close dome shutter
  • telescope power ON; oil pump ON, press RESET
  • test mirror covers
  • with rate controls to about half way ZEROSET in engineering mode
  • in computer mode: USER> GOTO TEST ra+1hr dec=45
  • switch USER> RMS SERVO ON, for 3 minutes; write values down
  • test autoguider: switch autoguider on; check dome light interlock; monitor on
  • TO> autoxy 3000 23000
  • USER> field, acquire (probe moves), guide, auto on/off, agstop
  • autoguider off; monitor off
  • PARK ZENITH; DOME 235 (check position); return to engineering
  • telescope power OFF; mute alarm; switch lights off
  • TO> tcs page; TO> bias; open Ximtool; check the bias
  • test JAG: TO> filter 3, TO> shutter open, TO> shutter shut, TO> tv on
  • test TV: gain down; switch TV on; check dome light interlock; monitors on
  • direct mode; increase gain; 'scintillating speckles'; toggle scan directions; gain down
  • integration mode; 2 frames, black level 512, contrast 6, slowly increase gain; 'pulsating patch'; gain down
  • average mode; slowly increase gain; 'smoother profile'; gain down
  • switch TV off; monitors off; TO> tv off
  • fill cryostat; make notes in log book; switch lights off


  • Dome ice position: 235 degrees
  • Ratio of one revolution of the dome to the encoder: 1:1
  • Encoder: T&R CE-65-S-P programmable encoder


JKT Astronomy help page


Sony Encoder Description and GW132 RS232 Line Driver used only with the Sony encoder.

How to change INT (JKT) INLAND POWER AMPLIFIERS and Servo System Adjustments.

INT Duty Engineer Checks: The Cass A&G box and IDS with UltraDAS

INT Duty Engineer Checks: The Wide Field Camera (WFC) with UltraDAS


  • Dome ice position: 212 degrees
  • Dome encoder CAMAC address: C3 B4 N10
  • Camtest to read dome encoder: exec 4 3 10 0 0
  • 1 Revolution of the dome encoder gear wheel is 2 degrees; -ve is anti-clockwise, +ve is clockwise
  • Ratio of one revolution of the dome to the encoder is 1:1
  • Encoder: T&R CE-65-S-P programmable encoder

General description of the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope.

WHT troubleshooter index


Turning On and Off the WHT Servo Power Amplifiers and the WHT SERVO DOCS INDEX

Detailed WHT Duty Engineer checks


  • Dome ice position: 156 degrees



    NIU problems

    Setup of VT220 terminal connection to NIU's:

    • Transmit=Recieve=9600
    • Xoff at 64
    • 7 bits, even parity, no check
    • 1 stop bit

    On the VT220 terminal the following numbers select:

        2-Information about what is connected to the NIU.
        3-Information about what is connected to the network.
        4-Information on errors.
        5-Information on errors.
        6-Information on errors.

    Port-server Configurations and Digi Port-Server Troubleshooting

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