INTEGRAL Daily Checks

Do these checks in conjunction with the WHT check list.


Restart the DAS; shutdownobssys, followed by obssys (select the appropriate option) and startobssys in the corresponding DAS orange window.



  1. Check (when filling the WYFFOS cryostat in GHRIL) that the fibre bundles are not tight or stressed and that moving the rotator cannot damage them. Also make sure that the cable bundle from INTEGRAL to the GHRIL control room can move freely with rotation. Before starting TCS, check rotator is midrange. Use the engineering control buttons on the wall of GHRIL to put "180" mark at top.
  2. Check that the autoguider controller is switched on and the fan on the back of the head is running. Check there is nitrogen flow.
  3. In the GHRIL control room, check that both VME-crates (INTEGRAL and WYFFOS) are switched on and the LED's on the different I/O modules are all green.
  4. Before you leave the GHRIL, make sure the lights are switched off.


In the Control Room

  1. Use these observing system commands to take a spectral image with INTEGRAL and WYFFOS:
  2. isp std1 cal    (puts standard fibre bundle 1 into the calibrate position)
    ila cune on      (switches on the CuNe calibration lamp)

  3. Take an image of 5 seconds:
  4. arc integral 5

    Check that you get a spectra. To switch off the lamps, enter:

    ila cune off

  5. Observing system commands to test the TV-camera:
  6. isp acq cal    (puts the acquisition bundle into the calibrate position)
    ila white on  (switches the tungsten lamp on)

  7. Perform field on the TV system GUI. The coherent fibre bundle should be visible on the DS9 window. Afterwards switch the lamp off:
  8. ila white off

    Perform another field to see the difference.

  9. Observing system command to check the Autoguider.
  10. Check the probe movement by entering the command:

    isa 65000 2000   (where X= 0 to 130000 and Y= 0 to 4000)

    This will move the probe to its mid position.

  11. Taking an Autoguider frame performing a field on the GUI. With some light in the dome the 2 coherent autoguider fibre bundles should be visible.
  12. To set up the TCS, in the TCS user window type the following commands:




This completes the daily checks on INTEGRAL.

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