Digi PortServer Troubleshooting

Cable Specification
RJ45 - 8 pin Signal id  to DB - 25 Male Signal id
1 DSR   n/c  
RTS   n/c  
3 GND   1 GND
4 TxD   3 RxD
5 RxD   2 TxD
6 SG   7 SG
7 CTS   20 DTR
8 DTR      
      4 linked to 5 RTS to CTS

Resetting the PortServer to factory default settings.

ING Digi PortServer IP Addressing
IP Address DNS Name Location Application portserver1 INT Clip Centre Autoguiders at Cass and Prime portserver2 INT  Cassegrain Prime WFC RS232 links portserver3 spare Test and Development
Configuration of the PortServer via Telnet:

user@scorpio> telnet portserver1
login: root
passwd: dbps

Now you must enter the following commands. The easiest way is to open a telnet session to the PortServer in one window and then using the mouse, cut the commands from below and paste them into the telnet session.

set config submask=
set config domain=ing.iac.es
set config gateway=
set config nameserv=
set config realport=771
set config boothost=
set ports range=* termtype="vt100" dev=prn sess=4 uid=0 edelay=1
set ports range=* auto=off bin=off group=0 dport=0 dest=
set line range=* baud=9600 csize=8 parity=N stopb=1 break=ignore
set line range=* error=null inpck=off istrip=off onlcr=off otab=off
set flow range=* ixon=on aixon=off ixoff=off ixany=off itoss=off altpin=off
set flow range=* rts=off dtr=off cts=off dcd=off dsr=off ri=off
set keys range=* eof=^D erase=^H flush=^@ intr=^C kill=^E lnxt=^V
set keys range=* tesc=^] xon=^S xoff=^Q xona=^S xoffa=^Q
set logins range=* cmdprompt="digi>" logprompt="login:"
set logins range=* passprompt="passwd:"
set logins range=1-12 write=off login=off passwd=off verbose=off
set logins range=13-15 write=off login=on passwd=on verbose=off
set logins range=16 write=off login=off passwd=on verbose=off
set ports range=13-16 dev=term
set users rmuser=on range=*
set altip rmrange range=*
set arp rmarp=on range=*
set auth rmrange=*
set auth range=1 ip= mask= real=* login=0
set logins message=1:"Digi International" range=*
set logins message=2:"PortServer 16" range=*
snmp run=on auth_trap=off
snmp trap_dest=
snmp location=""
snmp contact="Don Carlos Abrams"

Now you can exit if you choose or review the configuration. e.g.

cpconf term

At this point you should confirm that the PortServer completes its power-on self test. All being well, the PortServer is now ready for operation. Good Luck...


Further information can be found at http://www.ing.iac.es/~cfg/group_notes/portserv.htm

THIS FILE:  http://www.ing.iac.es/~eng/ops/int/Digi_portserver.html

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