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The William Herschel Telescope

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The William Herschel Telescope (WHT), inaugurated in 1987, is one of the most scientifically productive telescopes of its kind in the world.

It is a general-purpose facility, instrumented to allow a wide range of astronomical observations, from the optical wavelengths to the infrared. Through continued development of instrumentation the WHT remains at the forefront of astronomical research. A good example is the state-of-the-art multi-object spectrograph WEAVE, which is capable of taking thousands of spectra every night.

The telescope played an important role in discovering the accelerated expansion of the Universe, and it has made important contributions in the fields of observational cosmology, gamma-ray bursts, galaxy dynamics, star evolution and solar-system bodies.

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William Herschel Telescope

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The William Herschel Telescope:

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