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Postal address:

Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Apartado de correos 321
E-38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma
Canary Islands

ING sea-level office:

Edificio Mayantigo
Calle Alvarez Abreu, 70, 2° piso
E-38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma
Canary Islands
Telephone: +34 922 425417
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The ING sea-level office is open from 9:00 to 15:00 Monday to Friday. The office remains closed on weekends and public holidays. You can get the La Palma public holidays from the ING schedules (dates shown in green).


Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory (ORM)
Telephone: +34 922 405500 (Residencia)
Maps: La Palma, ORM

Telescopes are located at the following coordinates:

WHT28°45'38.3" N17°52'53.9" W+2332m
INT28°45'43.4" N17°52'39.5" W+2336m

Contact Points

See also the staff list and contact directory.





Director Marc Balcells +34 922 425403 director
Head of Engineering Don Carlos Abrams +34 922 425450 don
Head of Astronomy/WHT Manager Chris Benn +34 922 425432 crb
Head of Administration Juanjo Herrera +34 922 425413 juanjo
Head of Telescope & Instrument Engineering Diego Cano +34 922 425404 dcano
Head of IT Luis Hernández +34 922 425449 luis
Freight Admin Group +34 922 425435 admin
Public Relations & Telescope Scheduling Javier Méndez +34 922 425464 jma

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Last modified: 22 May 2024