INGRID Daily Checks

Version 2.6 (last update 12th September 2008 by Andy Ridings)


These checks should be performed in conjunction with the WHT check list


  1. Login to the observing system ICS computer (currently taurus) as: whtobs

The following two windows should then appear:

  1. Prior to starting any of the observing software INGRID needs to be configured for use. In the Observing System (pink) window enter:

    obssys -c, followed by option 1

  2. Review the cameras and instruments that are currently defined in the observing system. If necessary select:

    option c

    Edit the WHT configuration file (look on the CCD whiteboard to see which DAS machine is hosting the INGRID camera server and edit the configuration file.)

  3. Using the Combined Terminal (orange) window select the tab page associated with the INGRID camera server. Type:

    obssys -c

    followed by option 1, then option 1 again. At the end of this configuration procedure you should receive a WHTDASn prompt (where n refers to the das machine you are on).

  4. Again, in the same window type: startobssys

    to load the ULTRADAS camera software.

  5. At the Observing System (pink) window type:  startobssys to start the main components of the observing system.


Datum the INGRID Mechanisms

  1. Select the Ingrid GUI, in the drop down menu open the control GUI

  2. Enable the control GUI by clicking on the red button in the top right corner.

  3. On the control GUI click to Initialise Filter Wheel 1

  4. On the control GUI click to Initialise Filter Wheel 2

  5. On the control GUI click Initialise the Pupil Wheel

At the command line type filter ingrid dark

Take the Test Images

  1. Take four test images, type multbias ingrid 4 in the pink window

  2. Wait until the ULTRADAS Camera mimic  indicates that the detector has been read out and has been 100% processed (four times because of the multbias issued). Make sure the images are written (with  TCS header information) to the Observing Log. Check also that the filter information as displayed in the log is correct.

  3. Immediately after every readout, the Real Time Display Tool (RTD) will detect the new image file and load it to the XIMTOOL display window. This image is the result of the post-integration minus the pre-integration image that removes the bias level from the image.

Check the Bias Level

  1. Login on the WHT Data Reduction Sparc (whtdr) as: whtguest

  2. Open the programs menu by clicking on the background and start an xgterm and ximtool session.

  3. In the xgterm, start an IRAF session using the command: ecl

  4. Load the image reduction package by typing: ingrid

  5. Within IRAF, change to the obsdata directory where the images are being stored. This information can be found on the Ingrid ultradas Camera mimic. e.g.

  6. cd /obsdata/whta/20080214

    The obsdata discs currently being: whta, whtb, whtc, whtd & whte.

    It should be noted that a new 'date' directory is generated at 11:00 UTC daily

    Each image pair is contained in a single FITS file with: rnnnnnnn  being the last run number. .

  7. At the IRAF prompt, type: imexam

  8. Check (using the m command) that the bias level of the two images is roughly the same value and at a level of between 11,000 and 15,000 ADU.

  9. Exit imexam by typing: q  (the cursor must be in the image area).

Check the Noise Level

  1. Using the last 2 bias readout images check the readout noise of the array by using ifindron rmmmmmmm rnnnnnnn

  2. Check that the displayed rms noise value is below 10 ADU rms.

Check the Array is sensitive

  1. Using the GUI set filter wheel 1 to K, set filter wheel 2 and pupil stop to clear

  2. At the command line take an exposure run ingrid 2

  3. To display the bias subtracted image, enter at the IRAF prompt: idisp rnnnnnnn 3 fill+

Document History

Rev 2.0 Oct 18th 2001 PCM   Updated INGRID checks based on WHT DE Check doc.
Rev 2.1 Jan 15th 2002 EJM   Changes made due to uDAS upgrades.
Rev 2.2 Jul 17th 2002 EJM   Short form version plus minor changes .
Rev 2.3 Sep 25th 2002 SGR Updated to eliminate use of CC cooler with NAOMI. Updated now INGRID mechs working again.
Rev 2.4 Nov 16th 2005 SGR. Updated to reflect current operating environment.
Rev 2.5 Feb 14th 2008 AWR. Updated & simplified.
Rev 2.6 Sep 12th 2008 AWR. Typos

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