Cryocam Daily Checks

  1. At the PC close down both the Cryocam control and display applications (the programs comprises two applications)
  2. Restart the program by clicking on the Cryocam icon
  3. Ensure the AG slitview mirror is positioned to view the ISIS slit and not vignetted by the autoguider probes. It is also a good idea to check that the Nasmyth mirror is set to Cassegrain.
  4. When the application is loaded you should see a picture of the Cryocam and the suppliers logo.
  5. The system starts up with the camera in 16-bit full frame mode and defaults to 0.2 seconds integration. Depending on the ambient dome lighting, it might be helpful to increase the exposure time to 1 second.
  6. Click start and after a few seconds you should see a sharp image of the ISIS slit as well as debris and fluff on the slitview mirror.
  7. Click on the ‘focus’ button to switch to fast readout mode; the default exposure time here is 5 seconds. Depending on the dome illumination it might be appropriate to adjust the integration time to 1 second.
  8. Click ‘start’ and after a few integrations the software will adjust the lookup table and the slit should again appear as a horizontal black line near the centre of the field. nb. The definition will not be as good as in step 6.
  9. Stop the continuous readout and set the integration time to zero and restart. After a few integrations you should see a uniform grey level free of pattern noise.
  10. Stop the continuous readout and leave the camera in this state.

File last updated : 10th Sept 2001  cwmj - ejm