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Ian Skillen
INGRID Instrument Specialist



INGRID (Isaac Newton Group Red Imaging Device) is a near infrared camera dedicated to high spatial resolution imaging. Located at the Nasmyth focus of the 4.2m WHT, the camera is permanently attached to one of the science ports of the ING's adaptive optics (AO) system NAOMI. The 1k x 1k Hawaii detector has a pixel scale of 0.04"/pixel, yielding a total field of view of about 40" x 40". Prospective applicants should refer to the instrument overview, the planning observations page and the latest NAOMI+INGRID performance summary. The ING also offers INGRID in conjunction with the AO coronograph OSCA.

Please note that INGRID is no longer available at the Cassegrain focus. If you are interested in observing a larger field of view than INGRID provides (although without AO correction), the ING also offers the infrared imager and spectrograph LIRIS, which has a field of view of 4.27' x 4.27' in imaging mode.

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Last modified: 18 June 2012