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INGRID's detector is a Rockwell 1024x1024 HgCdTe Hawaii array. The main characteristics of the detector (at the Nasmyth focal station) are summarised below. More information is also available within the ING detector pages.

Detector size*
1024 × 1024 pixels
Full-well capacity
~28000-30000 ADU
Spectral range*
0.8-2.5 µm
Quantum efficiency*
~58% (J, H)
~62% (K)
Readout noise (CDS)
18-24 e¯
3.9-4.1 e¯  /ADU
Pixel size
18.5 µm
Pixel scale*
0.04" / pixel
Field of view
39" × 39"
Hot pixels
<1% (see here)
~2% for 0-12000 ADU (see this linearity plot)
Dark current
See here
Readout time
0.76 s

* Quantities as measured by the manufacturer.

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Last modified: 09 December 2013