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Monday, 2nd March 2015 – Galactic Archaeology
Session Chair: Norbert Christlieb
08:55Welcome address by the Mayor of Santa Cruz de La Palma
09:00Marc BalcellsMulti-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade
09:15Rafael BarrenaMOS capabilities on the 4-m and 10-m La Palma telescopes
09:30Gerry GilmoreGalactic Archaeology: increasing the dimensionality
10:10Daisuke KawataChemodynamical Evolution of The Milky Way Like Galaxies In N-body Simulations
10:30Georges KordopatisGalactic archaeology with the RAdial Velocity Experiment
10:50Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Giuseppina Battaglia
11:20Rosemary WyseGalactic Archaeology: Current Surveys and Instrumentation
12:00Carme JordiGaia mission: current status and spectroscopic capabilities
12:20Sarah MartellThe GALAH Survey: an overview
12:40Yongheng ZhaoSpectroscopic survey of LAMOST
13:00Carlos Allende PrietoAPOGEE and what comes next
13:20Oscar A. GonzalezThe missing pieces of the Milky Way bulge puzzle
13:35Lunch break
Session Chair: Amparo Marco
15:00Sofia FeltzingGalactic Archeology: Prospects and Issues
15:40Gavin DaltonWEAVE: The next generation spectroscopy facility for the WHT
16:00Vanessa HillGalactic Archaeology Surveys at the WHT
16:15Roelof de Jong4MOST: 4 metre Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope
16:35Michele CirasuoloMOONS: Multi-Object Optical and Near-infrared Spectrograph for the VLT
16:55Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Marc Balcells
17:25Keith HawkinsThe Ages and Fractions of the α-rich and α-poor Populations in the Galactic Halo
17:40Adam BoltonAdvanced Algorithms for MOS Surveys
18:30End of day one

Tuesday, 3rd March 2015 – Star Formation and Evolution & Galaxy Evolution
Session Chair: Ignacio Negueruela
09:00Artemio Herrero DavóMassive stars: some open questions and MOS
09:40Ricardo DordaSurveying the massive star formation in the inner Galaxy
09:55Alex de KoterFormation and Evolution of Massive Stars: Current Surveys
10:35Janet DrewDeep searches for early-type stars in the Galactic Plane
10:50Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Michele Cirasuolo
11:20Tomaz Zwitter Auxiliary science in Galactic archaeology surveys
11:35Armando Gil de PazMEGARA, the new generation optical MOS and IFU for GTC
11:50Koraljka MužićThe SONYC survey: Understanding brown dwarf formation through multi-object spectroscopy
12:05Chris EvansStellar Evolution and Star Formation: A few things you haven't heard about
12:45Boris GänsickeStellar archaeology with Gaia: the galactic white dwarf population
13:00Benoit FamaeyUnravelling the 3D effects of the bar and spirals in the Milky Way
13:15Antonio Cabrera-Lavers MOS with OSIRIS at the GTC
13:30Conference photo and lunch break
Session Chair: Adam Bolton
15:00Carlos FrenkGalaxy Evolution: Big Questions
15:40Jon LovedayEvolution in the stellar mass function and clustering of galaxies
15:55Shoko JinStellar kinematics and metallicities in the Draco and Ursa Minor dwarf galaxies
16:10ChangHoon HahnPRIMUS: Galaxy Environment on the Quiescent Fraction Evolution at z < 0.8
16:25Rubén Sánchez-Janssen Globular Cluster Systems as Tracers of Galaxy Formation and Evolution: Clues from MOS Surveys
16:45Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Armando Gil de Paz
17:15Matthew A. BershadyGalaxy Evolution: Current Surveys and Instrumentation
17:55Jesús Falcon-BarrosoThe Calar Alto Legacy Integral Field Area survey: Overview, status and latest results
18:15Rosa González DelgadoCALIFA across the Hubble sequence: How galaxies grow their bulges and disks
18:30End of day two

Wednesday, 4th March 2015 – Galaxy Evolution
Session Chair: Johan Knapen
09:00Scott CroomThe last two decades and the next one
09:40Anne-Marie WeijmansMaNGA: Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory
10:00Julia BryantHECTOR - Next generation multi-object IFU for the Anglo-Australian Telescope
10:20Marc VerheijenScience with Weave's IFUs
10:40*Francisco CastanderCosmology with accurate photometric redshifts wide-field surveys: the PAU survey
10:55Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Angela Iovino
11:30Simon Driver Galaxy And Mass Assembly (GAMA) and its successor WAVES
11:50 J. Alfonso L. AguerriThe WEAVE spectroscopic nearby galaxy cluster survey: the origin of low-mass halos
12:05 Giovanna GiardinoNIRSpec: Uncovering the early stages of galaxy evolution
12:20Ryan HoughtonThe GTO KMOS Cluster Survey
12:35Arjen van der WelThe LEGA-C Survey: ESO Public Spectroscopic Survey with VLT/VIMOS
12:50Michele CirasuoloVANDELS: Unveiling the astrophysics of high-redshift galaxy evolution
13:05End of day three. Afternoon excursion to North East of La Palma

Thursday, 5th March 2015 – Cosmology
Session Chair: Simon Driver
09:00Risa WechslerCosmology: Addressing the Big Questions with Big Spectroscopic Surveys
09:40Kiyoto YabeThe Subaru FMOS Galaxy Redshift Survey (FastSound)
09:55Andrew HopkinsTAIPAN
10:10Yue ShenSDSS-RM: A Multi-Object Quasar Reverberation Mapping Project
10:25Dan SmithMOS: A critical tool for current and future radio-frequency surveys
10:45Rita TojeiroThe final galaxy clustering results from BOSS
11:05Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Amata Mercurio
11:35Matthew CollessCosmology: Current Surveys and Instrumentation
12:15Angela IovinoVIPERS: unveiling the combined evolution of galaxies and large-scale structure at 0.5 < z < 1.2
12:30Marie-Luise MenzelA spectroscopic survey with BOSS of X-ray selected AGN in the northern XMM-XXL field
12:45Jordi Cepa J-PAS: The Javalambre-Physics of the Accelerated Universe Astrophysical Survey
13:00*Francisco GarzónEMIR, the NIR MOS and imager for GTC
13:20Matthew PieriCosmology with Massive Intergalactic Medium Surveys Past, Present and Future
13:35Lunch break
Session Chair: Emilio Molinari
15:00Bob NicholCosmology: Future Surveys and Instrumentation
15:40Brenna FlaugherThe Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI)
16:00Andrea MerloniMassive Spectroscopic surveys of X-ray selected AGN and Clusters: from SPIDERS to 4MOST
16:20Benjamin JoachimiEuclid: an ESA Medium Class Mission
16:40Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Reynier Peletier
17:10Jason RhodesNASA’s Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope (WFIRST)
17:30Masahiro TakadaSubaru Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS)
17:50Gary J. HillHETDEX and VIRUS: Panoramic Integral Field Spectroscopy with 35,000 fibres
18:05End of day four
19:30Conference dinner

Friday, 6th March 2015 – Future Perspectives
Session Chair: Sally Heap
09:00Rebecca BernsteinPlans for Multi-Object Spectroscopy with the ELTs
09:40Jeffrey NewmanMulti-object Spectroscopy for LSST
10:00Andrew Hopkins The science and status of the Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer
10:15Nicholas WaltonGaia and WEAVE/WxES: supporting the PLATO Exoplanet Hunter
10:30Marc BalcellsMulti-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Open Discussion on Technical Challenges
11:00Coffee break and posters
Session Chair: Andreas Kelz
11:30Marc BalcellsMulti-Object Spectroscopy in the Next Decade: Open Discussion on Technical Challenges
12:50Scott TragerConference summary
13:30End of day five, end of conference
15:00Visit to the William Herschel Telescope and GranTeCan

* Rescheduled

Poster Presentations

Irene AgulliThe origin of dwarf galaxies in clusters: the faint end slope of the galaxy luminosity function
Sinan AlisDAG Telescope: A New Potential for MOS Observations
Shohei AoyamaEvolution of perturbations and cosmological constraints in decaying dark matter models with arbitrary decay mass products
Ricardo Carrera The Open Cluster Chemical Abundances from Spanish Observatories (OCCASO) Survey
Gavin DaltonThe Fibre Positioning Concept for WEAVE at the WHT
Gavin DaltonTowards an integrated model of the WEAVE performance.
Boris DeshevBuilding up a cluster. A520
Arnas DrazdauskasThe Gaia-ESO Survey: CNO abundances in open clusters of our Galaxy
David Garcia-Alvarez OSIRIS Multiobject spectroscopy observations’ cycle of life
Karoline GilbertObserving Resolved Stellar Populations with the JWST Near Infrared Spectrograph
Gabriel Gómez VelardeOSIRIS Multiobject spectroscopy mask design process
Carlos González-FernándezA New Survey of Red Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds
Eduardo Gonzalez SolaresIntegrating Mass Scale Spectroscopic Processing
Sally HeapGalaxy Evolution Spectroscopic Explorer (GESE)
Diane KaraklaJWST/NIRSpec MOS Observing Mode
Andreas KelzMulti-Object Spectroscopy with MUSE
Andreas KelzMOSAIC: a Multi-Object Spectrograph for the E-ELT
Minjin KimThe Science Cases for Near-infrared Imaging Spectrometer for Star formation history (NISS)
Janez Kos Wrapping together galactic archaeology and interstellar medium studies in large spectroscopic surveys
Khee-Gan LeeMapping the High-z Universe in 3D: Lyα Forest Surveys on Future MOS Instruments
Bertrand LemasleCepheids and large scale spectroscopic surveys.
Xiaowei LiuThe LAMOST Galactic surveys
Benjamin A. MacFarlaneTraCD: Tracking Cluster Debris
Inma Martinez-ValpuestaMetallicity gradients in the Milky Way Bulge
Alireza MolaeinezhadThe AF2+WYFFOS pipeline: An algorithm for an improved sky estimation based on Principal Component Analysis
Emilio MolinariWAS: Textures of the WEAVE Science Archive
Emilio MolinariBATMAN: MOS spectroscopy on demand.
Maria MonguióA WEAVE radial velocity survey to unravel the Milky Way spiral arms nature
David MontesSearching for new members of stellar kinematic groups: kine-chemical tagging FGK stars with GES data
James MuzerolleJWST/NIRSpec Multi-Object Spectroscopy: Calibration and Data Products
Donatas NarbutisSuprime-Cam photometric survey of M33 galaxy
Silvana NavarroAutomatic spectral classification of galaxies in the IR
Ignacio Negueruela Exploring the obscured Milky Way with multi-object spectroscopy
Mercedes Prieto MuñozThe trace of the hierarchical assembly of massive E–S0s galaxies at 0.8 < z < 1.5 in galaxy number counts
Merce Romero-GomezThe analysis of the moments of the velocity distribution in the Gaia sphere.
Fernando F. Rosales-Ortega Beyond MOS and fibers: large FoV Imaging Fourier Transform Spectroscopy, an instrumentation proposal for the present and future Mexican telescopes.
Rubén Sánchez-Janssen Revisiting the impact of atmospheric dispersion and differential refraction on MOS observations. From VLT/VIMOS to next generation instruments
Marja Kristin SeidelBaLROG - The influence of bars on the dynamical structure and stellar populations in 3D
Sergio Simón-DíazRevisiting old questions on massive stars using new large spectroscopic surveys of Galactic OB stars
Rodolfo Smiljanic The Gaia-ESO Survey experience with multiple analysis pipelines
Jonathan Smoker Large and small-scale structure of intermediate and high velocity gas towards the Magellanic Clouds using FLAMES
Martin StringerA cosmological context for compact massive galaxies
Naoyuki TamuraSubaru Prime Focus Spectrograph
Haibo YuanA MOS-based method for color calibration to a few mmag precision and implications on Galactic archeology
Stefano ZarattiniThe dependence of the luminosity function on the magnitude gap