Conference proceedings will be published as part of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series (ASPCS). Page limits are:

Keynote talks: 12 pages
Invited talks: 7 pages
Contributed talks: 5 pages
Posters: 4 pages

Manuscripts must be prepared in ASPCS's Latex format; the Latex template, style file, copyright form and a detailed manual and can be downloaded as a tarball or as a zipfile.

Please start all filenames, including eps figures, with the initial of your first name followed by your family name, e.g. JSmith.tex, JSmith-fig1.eps, JSmith-fig2.eps, JSmith-copyrightform.pdf, JSmith.tar etc.

To compile your manuscript, type e.g.

latex JSmith
latex JSmith (again)
dvipdfm JSmith

Your manuscript will be reviewed and edited for content and style. Don't alter the basic ASP style in terms of line spacing, fonts and indentation etc.

Use American English throughout.

Your contribution will be reduced by 10% of its original size by the printers, and so all figures and their annotations should be large enough to remain legible after reduction.

Check your figures and images in greyscale; reproduction of colour figures in greyscale in the hard copy published proceedings can impair resolution, contrast and visibility.

When you're satisfied with your manuscript create a tarball or zipfile (e.g. JSmith.tar or containing

the Latex source file
each individual figure
a PDF scan of the signed Copyright Assignment Form.

Email this tarball or zipfile to by Friday 8 May, 2015.

The Conference Proceedings is available online from the ASPCS e-Books Server, and is complemented by the Presentations, which are linked from the Science Programme page.