La Palma

La Palma lies at the north-west of the Canaries archipelago, a few hundred kilometres off the north-west coast of Africa, and enjoys moderate year-round temperatures. It's known as La Isla Bonita because of the extraordinary natural beauty of its landscape, which encompasses the sub-tropical rain forest Los Tilos in the north-east, now a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, the Caldera de Taburiente national park in the centre and the dormant volcanoes of the south, and countless treks and stunning views along the way.

With a surface area of just 706 square kilometres, La Palma rises steeply from the coast to its highest point at an altitude of 2.4 kilometres, the location of the renowned Observatorio del Roque de los Muchachos, which includes the ING telescopes and Spain's 10.4-m GranTeCan, the world's largest optical telescope. Recently declared a Starlight Reserve, La Palma's night skies are amongst the darkest on Earth.

A popular vacation destination, La Palma has a wide range of hotels, restaurants and visitor amenities. Please refer to the pages of the local Tourist Board and TripAdvisor for guides to the sights and facilities of the island. The La Palma Airport code is SPC.