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ING Seminars in 2004

Date      Speaker (Institute)Title Slides (on ING Intranet)
Dec 1 Santi Cassisi (Osservatorio Astronomico di Collurania in Teramo) Hot Stellar Populations in Galactic Globular Clusters: The population(s) puzzle goes deeper
Nov 22 Sonia Fornasier (Astronomy Dep. of Padova University) Physical Studies of Minor Bodies
Aug 10 Angelo Antonelli (INAF-Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma, Italy) Gamma Ray Bursts in the SWIFT Era
Jul 30 P. Focardi (Dipartimento di Astronomia, Università di Bologna) What's the role of environment on galaxies?
Jul 7 Suzanne Aigrain (IoA, Cambridge) Planetary transits and stellar variability
Jul 2 Phil Charles (University of Southampton) SALT: 6 months to go!
Apr 21 Aaron Romanowsky (University of Nottingham) Observing Galaxy Haloes
Apr 15 Rene Duffard (Observatorio Nazional de Rio, Brasil) Basaltic Asteroids
Apr 7 Don Pollacco (QUB) SuperWASP: The Super Wide Angle Search for Planets
Apr 6 Amir Ahmad (Armagh Observatory) Helium-rich subdwarf B stars: binaries, mergers or bizarre?
Mar 12 Laura Magrini (Dipartimento di Astronomia e Scienza dello Spazio, University of Firenze) Planetary Nebulae in the Local Group
Mar 4 Silvano Desidera (Padova Observatory) Search for extrasolar planets with SARG
Feb 20 Hugo E. Schwarz (CTIO-NOAO-AURA) Circumstellar Matter in PNe and Other Evolved Stars
Feb 3 Dr Dehua Yang (Nanjing Institute of Astronomical Optics and Technology) LAMOST Telescope and Instrumentation: Concept, Technologies and progress

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