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ING seminars in 2002

  Date  Speaker (institute)Title
Dec 17 Xuefei Gong (Nanjing, China) The SOAR telescope
Dec 10 Juan Cortina (Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona) The MAGIC telescope
Nov 27 Hugo Schwarz (CTIO-NOAO) The SOAR telescope
Nov 21 Jorick Vink (Imperial College) The winds from the most luminous stars
Nov 7 Mario Melita (Queen Mary, London) The dynamical structure of the Kuiper Belt
Oct 29 Michael Pohlen (IAC) The nature of stellar disk truncations in galaxies
Sep 18 Simon Jeffery (Armagh Obs.) The results of binary white dwarf mergers
Aug 30 Hannah Worters (Univ. of Sheffield & ING) The exceptional Dwarf Nova, V485 Cen
Aug 30 Stuart Folkes (Univ. of Hertfordshire & ING) Star formation in spiral galaxies
Aug 27 Cesare Barbieri (Padova) Planetary Exospheres
Aug 26 Katrien Uytterhoeven (Leuven/Mercator Telescope) A study of B-type line-profile variables in close binaries
Aug 12 Margrethe Wold (IPAC, USA) AGN-selected clusters as revealed by weak lensing
Aug 7 Isaac Shlosman (JILA & Univ. Kentucky, USA) Dynamical Processes in the Central Kpc and AGN
Jul 30 Bob Tubbs (IoA Cambridge) Lucky exposures: diffraction limited CCD imaging
Jul 18 Maria Rosa Cioni (ESO, Germany) Red Giants in the Magellanic Clouds
Jul 4 Nic Walton (IoA Cambridge) AstroGrid: Creating the UK's Virtual Observatory
Jun 3 Hugo Schwarz (CTIO) TASCA: the Tololo All-Sky CAmera
May 24 René Rutten (ING) The EURO-50 project: The world's largest telescope at the ORM
May 21 Peter Erwin (IAC) Double Bars, Inner Disks, and Fossil Nuclear Rings: The Strange and Complex Interiors of Barred Galaxies
May 16 Javier Licandro (CGG & TNG) The surface of icy minor planets: trans-neptunian objects, Centaurs, comet nuclei, and trojan asteroids
Apr 23 Pierre Maxted (Keele Univ.) Binary subdwarf-B stars and the origin of Extreme Horizontal Branch stars
Mar 25 Chris Benn (ING) Adaptive optics developments on Mauna Kea, Hawaii
Mar 21 Sam Rix (IoA Cambridge) Lyman-break galaxies: Are they forming bulges?
Feb 21 David Axon (Univ. Hertfordshire) Massive Black Holes in Spiral Galaxies
Jan 28 Luka Popovic (Belgrade Observatory) The Shape of Balmer Lines of AGNs: Contribution of the Accretion Disk
Jan 23 Sabine Mengel (Leiden Univ.) Star Clusters in NGC 4038/39 (The Antennae)

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