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ING seminars in 2003

  Date  Speaker (institute)Title
Dec 3 Arto Järvinen (NOT) CCD Ron Suppression Technique for Echelle Spectroscopy
Nov 26 Silva Järvinen (NOT) Photometric Study of Young Active Stars
Jul 2 Simone Marchi (University of Padova, Italy) Spectroscopic investigations of near-Earth objects
Jun 5 Humberto Campins (University of Central Florida) Comets and Origin of Earth's Water
May 15 Gloria Andreuzzi (Osservatorio Astronomico di Roma) VLT-FORS1 observations of NGC 6397: Evidence for Mass Segregation
May 8 Olga Kuhn (JAC, Hawaii) Probing the faint end of the z>3 quasar luminosity function
May 7 Giangiacomo Gandolfi (CNR, Roma, Italy) Short GRBs: an unsolved enigma
Apr 24 Ilona Söchting (ING) Environment of Quasars
Apr 21 Daniela Lazzaro (Observatorio de Rio de Janeiro) Spectroscopic observations of asteroids: the S3OS2 and Vestoids Project
Mar 25 Eran Ofek (Tel Aviv University) Measuring the time delay of the lensed quasar HE1104-180
Mar 18 Gijs Nelemans (IoA-Cambridge) Observing double white dwarfs: test for common envelope theory, type Ia supernova progenitor models and gravitational wave noise predictions
Mar 12 Sebastian Els (ING) Planet formation: a new way to observe them forming
Feb 28 Sebastian Sanchez (Potsdam) Integral field spectroscopy at the AIP
Feb 27 Laura Colombon (ING) Kinematics perturbations and low activity galaxies connection
Feb 18 Paul Harding (Case Western Reserve, USA) Star Streams in the Milky Way: Fragments of its History
Jan 31 Birgitta Nordstrom
(Lund, Sweden & Copenhagen, Denmark)
Nucleosynthesis in the Early Galaxy
Jan 27 John Taylor (Keele) Eclipsing binaries in open clusters
Jan 13 Ivo Saviane (ESO Chile) The luminosity-metallicity relation of dwarf irregular galaxies

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