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ING seminars in 2001

DateSpeaker (institute)Title
Dec 17 Sebastian Els (Heidelberg) Young Extrasolar Planets - Challenging Systems for Observations
Nov 26 Thomas Dall (Aarhus, Denmark) Looking into the stars: the case of the Delta Scuti variables
Nov 20 Simon Hodgkin (IoA Cambridge) The space density of cool white dwarfs from CCD imaging of the Serpens dark cloud
Nov 19 Graham Smith (Durham Univ.) An HST Lensing Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters
Nov 16 Daniela Carollo (Astronomical Obs. of Turin) Search for Ancient Cool White Dwarfs in the Galactic Halo using GSC2 material
Nov 13 Joanna Holt (Univ. of Sheffield) Searching for z=4 QSOs
Nov 9 Nigel Metcalfe (Durham Univ.) Do Galaxies Form at High Redshift?
Nov 6 Natascha Förster (Univ. of Leiden) Nature and Evolution of Starburst Galaxies: The Infrared Perspective
Oct 23 Anna Wolter (Obs. of Brera - Milan) The REX survey: studying a large sample of BL Lacs
Oct 22 Claire Halliday (Liverpool JM Univ.) Dynamics of the Halo of M31 using Planetary Nebulae Velocities
Oct 9 Carmen Dolores Bello (ONERA Toulouse) Classical and multiconjugate adaptive optics: status review
Aug 30 Veronica Motta (IAC) Two-dimensional spectroscopy of the gravitational lens SBS 0909+532
Aug 29 Seppo Mattila (Imperial College) Searching for obscured supernovae in nearby starburst galaxies
Aug 22 Jürg Rey & Maarten Blanken (ING) Results from the Palomar mirror cleaning and coating conference
Aug 8 Eduardo Martin (IfA Hawaii) Brown Dwarfs: Origins, Evolution and Fate
Jul 26 Alan Fitzsimmons (Belfast) Near-Earth Objects: Unanswered Questions
Jul 24 Xavier Barcons (Santander) AXIS (An XMM-Newton International Survey)
Jul 10 Selim O. Selam (Ankara Observatory) The Turkish National Observatory in Antalya
Jun 27 Marc Balcells (IAC)WHT/INTEGRAL and the VLA give clues on the formation of shell galaxies
May 31 Annette Ferguson (Groningen)Probing the Fossil Record of Galaxy Evolution in M31
May 23 Simon Tulloch (ING)CCD Design : Current Developments
Apr 27 Charo Villamariz Cid (IAC) Spectral analysis of Galactic OB stars
Apr 23 Andrew Newsam (Liverpool JMU)Weird faint wee red beasties that make X-rays (Red counterparts to faint X-ray sources in a deep ROSAT survey)
Mar 28 Stephen Warren (Imp. College) WFCAM, quasars, and other things
Mar 27 Stefano Cristiani (ESO) Quasar absorption lines as a cosmological probe: exploring the Lyman forest with VLT/UVES
Mar 26 Richard McDermid (Durham) Do Luminous Ellipticals Have Young Discs?
Mar 22 Ernesto Oliva (TNG) The Galileo telescope and its instrumentation
Mar 16 Tim de Zeeuw (Leiden) Status of the SAURON Project on Nearby Early-type Galaxies
Mar 7 Emilios Harlaftis (Nat. Obs., Athens) The 2.3m ARISTARCHOS telescope
Mar 12 Emilios Harlaftis (Nat. Obs., Athens) Observational evidence for black holes
Feb 19 James Higdon (Groningen) Starburst Triggering & The Neutral ISM in Ring Galaxies
Feb 2 Jari Kotilainen (Turku) Near-infrared spectroscopy of nearby Seyfert galaxies: first results
Jan 30 Jose Miguel Rodriguez Espinosa (IAC/GTC) Progress on GranTeCan
Jan 29 Begoña García (ING) Interactions triggering activity in Seyfert Galaxies?
Jan 22 Johan Knapen (ING & Univ Hertfordshire) Bars and Seyferts
Jan 17 David Buckley (S. African Large Telescope)Instrumentation for SALT
Jan 15 Vikram Dhillon ( Univ. of Sheffield) ULTRACAM - high-speed astrophysics
Jan 10 Steve Smartt (Cambridge Univ)The second decade of instrumentation on HST (2001-2010) and the NGST project

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