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ING seminars in 2000

DateTimeTitleSpeaker (Institute)
Dec 19 12:00Substellar objects in OrionP.Lucas (Hertfordshire)
Oct 27 15:30The first galaxies -- clues from element abundances?Max Pettini (IoA)
Oct 18 12:00Searching for satellite galaxies at medium redshiftsF.Prada (CAHA)
Sep 1916:00NAOMI commissioningA.Longmore (ATC)
Sep 616:00The Stellar Content of the Hamburg/ESO SurveyN.Christlieb (Hamburg)
Sep 416:00Models and observational predictions for the thermal structure of MHD jetsP.Garcia (ING)
Aug 3012:00Dust extinction at large radii in spiral galaxiesR.Curran (ING)
Aug 2212:00Physical properties of distant minor planetsJ.Davies (JACH Hawaii)
Aug 1716:00The polychromatic laser guide starR.Foy (CRAL/O.A.Lyon)
Aug 916:00Introduction of observatories in ChinaJ.Hao (Beijing)
Jul 26 12:00 Finding binary subdwarf B starsP.Maxted (Southampton)
17 Jul12:00Stellar Populations in Early-Type GalaxiesR.Peletier (Nottingham)
20 Jul16:00Scientific productivity of large telescopesC.R.Benn & S.F.Sánchez (ING)
4 Jul16:00Cygnus A: understanding the most powerful radio galaxy in the local universeC.Tadhunter
16 Jun12:00 Photometric redshifts: an estimator for galaxy density Dan Batcheldor (Hertfordshire & ING)
31 May12:00Recent progress in understanding the Origin of the Hubble SequenceRichard Ellis (Caltech)
30 May12:00Measuring the Cosmic Shear with the WHT PF cameraD.Bacon (Caltech)
29 May12:00The Planetary Nebula spectrograph for La Palma: Measuring and modelling galaxy kinematicsN.Douglas & A.Romanowsky (Groningen)
26 May 12:00Gamma ray Burst AfterglowsP. Vreeswijk (Amsterdam)
23 May 16:00 'Magnetized Accretion-Ejection Structures' J. Ferreira (Grenoble)
19 May 12:00 'All about OASIS' Alicia Parisi (Lyon)
15 May 12:00 'Transits and reflections: characterising extra-solar planets' Andrew C.Cameron (St Andrews)
10 May 12:00`Pulsational Constraints on the Evolution of Helium Stars'Simon Jeffery (Armagh)
19 April 12:00Sleuthing Mass Loss from Cool StarsA.Dupree (Harvard)
7 April 12:00`The close environment of Z CMa'Paolo Garcia (ING)
27 March 12:00`The nature of early type galaxies: the SAURON project'Roger Davies (Durham)
21 March 16:00`High redshift radio galaxies as probes of the early Universe'Montse Villar-Martin (Univ.Hertfordshire)
14 March 16:00`The Low surface brightness and dwarf galaxy populations in nearby clusters' Jon Davies (Cardiff)
10 March 12:00`Circumnuclear regions of barred spirals'Dolores Perez Ramirez (Univ. Hertfordshire)
28 Feb 16:00`WHT-Integral Field Spectroscopy combined with HST-imaging of central regions of galaxies'Santiago Arribas (IAC)
21 Feb 12:00`The stellar content of elliptical and spiral galaxies from near-infrared spectroscopy'Phil James (ARI, Liverpool JMU)
15 Feb 16:00 `Mid and FIR Spectral Energy distribution of two active galaxies: NGC 6090 and NGC 7582' Jose Acosta (IAC)
10 Feb 11:00'The formation of multiple shells in planetary nebulae' Romano Corradi (ING)

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