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ING Astronomy Documentation and Publications

Nearly all the documentation likely to be required by WHT and INT observers is on-line, and is linked from the astronomy web pages. Below we provide pointers to other useful sources of information, most of it on-line, but some of it (e.g. manuals for old instruments) not linked from other pages.

Technical documentation


For the latest information on ING instruments and telescopes, consult the astronomy web pages. The documents listed below are older, but may include useful background or historical information. The first link is to an index of all the documents listed under the remaining links.

Technical Notes


Annual Reports

Published 1995-2007.

Conference Proceedings

Conference, workshop and meeting proceedings can be found at the ING conference and meetings web pages.


The ING Newsletter (1999-2005) is available online. It superceded the earlier RGO/ING newsletters Gemini and Spectrum.



Research papers published using data obtained with the ING telescopes or technical papers based on developments at ING can be found at published papers using ING data.


Old paper documents (observing logs, manuals, etc.) are kept in the ING astronomy archives, located in the INT building.

External archives:

Royal Greenwich Observatory Archives.
Grubb Parson Archive in Tyne and Wear Archives.

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