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Lilian Domínguez
LIRIS Instrument Specialist
Cecilia Fariña
LIRIS MOS Specialist


LIRIS on the WHT

LIRIS (Long-slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph) is a near-IR imager/spectrograph for use at the Cassegrain focus of the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope. It was built and developed at IAC and became a common user instrument at ING. LIRIS uses a 1k×1k HAWAII detector for the 0.8 to 2.5 μm range. The pixel scale is 0.25"/pixel, yielding a field of view of 4.27' x 4.27'. This webpage provides information for the observer at the telescope and for the planning of an observing run. Extensive documentation about more technical aspects of LIRIS can be found at the IAC LIRIS webpage.

LIRIS slit-mask preparation and manufacture takes approximately 11 weeks; PIs awarded time in multi-slit mode are strongly encouraged to initiate the design of slit masks at the earliest opportunity. Details on slit-mask design and timelines are available; please email queries to LIRIS MOS specialist.


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Last modified: 06 June 2021