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LIRIS Publications

Scientific publications

  • The Strong Gravitationally Lensed Herschel Galaxy HLock01: Optical Spectroscopy Reveals a Close Galaxy Merger with Evidence of Inflowing Gas
    Marques-Chaves et al., ApJ 854, 151
  • Rotation periods and photometric variability of rapidly rotating ultracool dwarfs
    Miles-Páez et al., MNRAS 472, 2297
  • A Systematic Search for Near-Infrared Counterparts of Nearby Ultraluminous X-ray sources (II)
    López et al., MNRAS 469, 671 -- Link
  • Optical and near-infrared linear polarization of low and intermediate-gravity ultracool dwarfs
    Miles-Páez et al., MNRAS 466, 3184
  • C IV emission-line properties and systematic trends in quasar black hole mass estimates
    Coatman et al., MNRAS 461, 647 -- Link
  • A Multiwavelength Characterization of Proto-Brown-Dwarf Candidates in Serpens
    Riaz et al., ApJ 831, 189 -- Link
  • The evolution in the stellar mass of brightest cluster galaxies over the past 10 billion years
    Bellstedt et al., MNRAS 460, 2862 -- Link
  • Keck/MOSFIRE spectroscopy of five ULX counterparts
    Heida et al., MNRAS 459, 771 -- Link
  • The most luminous Halpha emitters at z ~ 0.8-2.23 from HiZELS: evolution of AGN and star-forming galaxies
    Sobral et al., MNRAS 457, 1739 -- Link
  • Progenitor constraints for core-collapse supernovae from Chandra X-ray observations
    Heikkilä et al., MNRAS 457, 1107 -- Link
  • A clean sightline to quiescence: multiwavelength observations of the high Galactic latitude black hole X-ray binary Swift J1357.2-0933
    Plotkin et al., MNRAS 456, 2707 -- Link
  • The GTC exoplanet transit spectroscopy survey IV. Confirmation of the flat transmission spectrum of HAT-P-32b
    Nortmann et al., A&A 594, A65 -- Link
  • Candidate Gravitationally Lensed Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies in the Herschel Wide Area Surveys
    Nayyeri et al., ApJ 823, 17 -- Link
  • The Offset and Host Light Distributions of Long Gamma-Rat Busts: A New View from HST Observations of SWIFT Bursts
    Blanchard et al., ApJ 817, 144 -- Link
  • A Mature Galaxy Cluster at z = 1.58 Around the Radio Galaxy 7C 1753+6311
    Cooke et al., ApJ 816, 83 -- Link
  • Deconstructing the narrow-line region of the nearest obscured quasar
    Villar Martín et al., MNRAS 454, 439 -- Link
  • Infrared identification of hard X-ray sources in the Galaxy
    Nebot Gómez-Morán et al., MNRAS 452, 884 -- Link
  • Likely detection of water-rich asteroid debris in a metal-polluted white dwarf
    Raddi et al., MNRAS 450, 2083 -- Link
  • The frequency and infrared brightness of circumstellar discs at white dwarfs
    Rocchetto et al., MNRAS 449, 574 -- Link
  • Mass constraints to Sco X-1 from Bowen fluorescence and deep near-infrared spectroscopy
    Mata Sánchez et al., MNRAS 449, L1 -- Link
  • 3D kinematics of the near-IR HH 223 outflow in L723
    López et al., MNRAS 447, 2588 -- Link
  • Detailed afterglow modelling and host galaxy properties of the dark GRB 111215A
    van der Horst et al., MNRAS 446, 4116 -- Link
  • Constraints on relativistic jets in quiescent black hole X-ray binaries from broad-band spectral modelling
    Plotkin et al., MNRAS 446, 4098 -- Link
  • A Decade of Short-Duration Gamma-Ray Burst Broadband Afterglows: Energetics, Circumburst Densities, and Jet Opening Angles
    Fong et al., ApJ 815, 102 -- Link
  • Environment of the Submillimeter-Bright Massive Starburst HFLS3 at z~6.34
    Laporte et al., ApJ 810, 130 -- Link
  • Evidence for PopIII-Like Stellar Populations in the Most Luminous Lyalpha Emitters at the Epoch of Reionization: Spectroscopic Confirmation
    Sobral et al., ApJ 808, 139 -- Link
  • Discovery of a Young Planetary Mass Companion to the Nearby M Dwarf VHS J125601.92-125723.9
    Gauza et al., ApJ 804, 96 -- Link
  • Jupiter as an Exoplanet: UV to NIR Transmission Spectrum Reveals Hazes, a Na Layer, and Possibly Stratospheric H2O-Ice Clouds
    Montañéz Rodríguez et al., ApJL 801, 8 -- Link
  • Physical properties of the extreme Centaur and super-comet candidate 2013 AZ60
    Pál et al., A&A 583, A93 -- Link
  • Probing M subdwarf metallicity with an esdK5+esdM5.5 binary
    Pavlenko et al., A&A 582, A92 -- Link
  • Catalogue of the morphological features in the Spitzer Survey of Stellar Structure in Galaxies (S4G)
    Herrera-Endoqui et al., A&A 582, A86 -- Link
  • On the triple peaks of SNHunt248 in NGC 5806
    Kankare et al., A&A 581, L4 -- Link
  • Optical-near-IR analysis of globular clusters in the IKN dwarf spheroidal: a complex star formation history
    Tudorica et al., A&A 581, A84 -- Link
  • The Type IIb SN 2011dh: Two years of observations and modelling of the lightcurves
    Ergon et al., A&A 580, A142 -- Link
  • The donor star of the X-ray pulsar X1908+075
    Martínez-Núñez et al., A&A 578, A107 Link
  • The Seven Sisters DANCe I. Empirical isochrones, luminosity, and mass functions of the Pleiades cluster
    Bouy et al., A&A 577, A148 Link
  • Characterization of the known T-type dwarfs towards the σ Orionis cluster
    Peña Ramírez et al., A&A 574, A188 -- Link
  • Spectroscopy of Hyades L dwarf candidates
    Lodieu et al., MNRAS 445, 3908 -- Link
  • Signs of a faint disc population at polluted white dwarfs
    Bergfors et al., MNRAS 444, 2147 -- Link
  • Near-infrared counterparts of ultraluminous X-ray sources
    Heida et al., MNRAS 442, 1054 -- Link
  • Spectroscopically confirmed brown dwarf members of Coma Berenices and the Hyades
    Casewell et al., MNRAS 441, 2644 -- Link
  • The nebular spectra of SN 2012aw and constraints on stellar nucleosynthesis from oxygen emission lines
    Jerkstrand et al., MNRAS 439, 3694 -- Link
  • The multiwavelength polarization of Cygnus X-1
    Russell and Shahbaz, MNRAS 438, 2083 -- Link
  • The Effects of Refraction on Transit Transmission Spectroscopy: Application to Earth-like Exoplanets
    Misra et al., ApJ 792, 61 -- Link
  • Spectroscopic follow-up of L- and T-type proper-motion member candidates in the Pleiades
    Zapatero Osorio et al., A&A 572, 67 -- Link
  • The dark nature of GRB 130528A and its host galaxy
    Jeong et al., A&A 569, A93 -- Link
  • Search for free-floating planetary-mass objects in the Pleiades
    Zapatero Osorio et al., A&A 568, A77 -- Link
  • Trigonometric parallaxes of young field L dwarfs
    Zapatero Osorio et al., A&A 568, A6 -- Link
  • The protoplanetary disk of FT Tauri: multiwavelength data analysis and modeling
    Garufi et al., A&A 567, A141 -- Link
  • Masgomas-4: Physical characterization of a double-core obscured cluster with a massive and very young stellar population
    Ramírez Alegría et al., A&A 567, 66 -- Link
  • Fossil group origins III. The relation between optical and X-ray luminosities
    Girardi et al., A&A 565, A115 -- Link
  • Optical and near-infrared observations of SN 2011dh - The first 100 days
    Ergon et al., A&A 562, A17 -- Link
  • Simultaneous optical and near-infrared linear spectropolarimetry of the earthshine
    Miles-Páez et al., A&A 562, 5 -- Link
  • Near- and mid-IR morphology of the water maser emitting planetary nebula K 3-35
    Blanco et al., A&A 561, A81 -- Link
  • IRAS 18357-0604 - an analogue of the galactic yellow hypergiant IRC +10420?
    Clark et al., A&A 561, 15 -- Link
  • From 1.5 Meters to 10.4 Meters in 20 Years: Technological Evolution at the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias in the Development of Infrared Instrumentation for Terrestrial Telescopes
    Caicoya et al., JAI 3, 3&4 -- Link
  • Discovery of a New Kind of Explosive X-Ray Transient Near M86
    Jonker et al., ApJ 779, 14 -- Link
  • Spatial distributions of core-collapse supernovae in infrared-bright galaxies
    Kangas et al., MNRAS 436, 3464 -- Link
  • The awakening of BL Lacertae: observations by Fermi, Swift and the GASP-WEBT
    Raiteri et al., MNRAS 436, 1530 -- Link
  • The rapid assembly of an elliptical galaxy of 400 billion solar masses at a redshift of 2.3
    Fu et al., Nature 498, 338 -- Link
  • A dust-obscured massive maximum-starburst galaxy at a redshift of 6.34
    Riechers et al., Nature 496, 329 -- Link, Supplementary information
  • The Dust Environment of Main-belt Comet P/2012 T1 (PANSTARRS)
    Moreno et al., ApJL 770, 30 -- Link
  • Multi-wavelength landscape of the young galaxy cluster RX J1257.2+4738 at z = 0.866 I. The infrared view
    Pintos-Castro et al., A&A 558, A100 -- Link
  • Linear polarization of rapidly rotating ultracool dwarfs
    Miles-Páez et al., A&A 556, 125 -- Link
  • Constraining the atmosphere of GJ 1214b using an optimal estimation technique
    Barstow et al., MNRAS 434, 2616 -- Link
  • 76 T dwarfs from the UKIDSS LAS: benchmarks, kinematics and an updated space density
    Burningham et al., MNRAS 433, 457 -- Link
  • Supernovae and radio transients in M82
    Mattila et al., MNRAS 431, 2050 -- Link
  • Statistics of the structure components in S0s: implications for bar-induced secular evolution
    Laurikainen et al., MNRAS 430, 3489 -- Link
  • Probing nuclear activity versus star formation at z ~ 0.8 using near-infrared multi-object spectroscopy
    Ramos Almeida et al., MNRAS 429, 3449 -- Link
  • On the relationship between the H2 emission and the physical structure of planetary nebulae
    Marquez-Lugo et al., MNRAS 429, 973 -- Link
  • Exploring the circumstellar environment of the young eruptive star V2492 Cygni
    Kóspál et al., A&A 551, A62 -- Link
  • Kn 26, a new quadrupolar planetary nebula
    Guerrero et al., A&A 551, 53 -- Link
  • The GROUSE project.
    III. Ks-band observations of the thermal emission from WASP-33b
    de Mooij et al., A&A 550, 54 -- Link
  • Near infrared polarimetry of a sample of blazars
    Acosta et al., EPJ 61 -- Link
  • Linear polarization of rapidly rotating ultracool dwarfs
    Miles-Páez et al., Mem. S.A.It. 84, 1142 -- Link
  • A new L dwarf member of the moderately metal poor triple system HD 221356
    Gauza et al., MNRAS 427, 2457 -- Link
  • Formation and evolution of dwarf early-type galaxies in the Virgo cluster II. Kinematic scaling relations
    Toloba et al., A&A 548, A78 -- Link
  • The metal-enriched host of an energetic gamma-ray burst at z~1.6
    Krühler et al., A&A 546, A8 -- Link
  • Discovery of a young and massive stellar cluster
    Spectrophotometric near-infrared study of Masgomas-1
    Ramírez Alegría et al., A&A 541, A75 -- Link
  • An optical/NIR survey of globular clusters in early-type galaxies III. On the colour bimodality of globular cluster systems
    Chies-Santos et al., A&A 539, A54 -- Link
  • Optical to near-infrared transit observations of super-Earth GJ 1214b: water-world or mini-Neptune?
    de Mooij et al., A&A 538, A46 -- Link
  • Fossil group origins II. Unveiling the formation of the brightest group galaxies through their scaling relations
    Mendez-Abreu et al., A&A 537, A25 -- Link
  • The Wired Survey. III. An Infrared Excess Around the Eclipsing Post-Common Envelope Binary SDSS J030308.35+005443.7
    Debes et al., ApJ 759, 37 -- Link
  • Core-Collapse Supernovae Missed by Optical Surveys
    Mattila et al., ApJ 756, 111 -- Link
  • Glancing Views of the Earth: From a Lunar Eclipse to an Exoplanetary Transit
    García Muñoz et al., ApJ 755, 103 -- Link
  • Constraints on the Lifetimes of Disks Rresulting from Tidaylly Destroyed Rocky Planetary Bodies
    Girven et al., ApJ 749, 154 -- Link
  • The origin of the early-time optical emission of Swift GRB 080310
    Littlejohns et al., MNRAS 421, 2692 -- Link
  • Polarimetry of the transient relativistic jet of GRB 110328/Swift J164449.3+573451
    Wiersema et al., MNRAS 421, 1942 -- Link
  • A trio of metal-rich dust and gas discs found orbiting candidate white dwarfs with K-band excess
    Farihi et al., MNRAS 421, 1635 -- Link
  • Optical and infrared imaging and spectroscopy of the multiple-shell planetary nebula NGC 6369
    Ramos-Larios et al., MNRAS 420, 1977 -- Link
  • Halpha star formation rates in massive galaxies at z ~ 1
    Twite et al., MNRAS 420, 1061 -- Link
  • A late jet rebrightening revealed from multiwavelength monitoring of the black hole candidate XTE J1752-223
    Russell et al., MNRAS 419, 1740 -- Link
  • An Extremely Luminous Panchromatic Outburst from the Nucleus of a Distant Galaxy
    Levan et al., Science 333, 199 --- Link
  • The Structure of the Accretion Disk in the Lensed Quasar SBS 0909+532
    Mediavilla et al., ApJ 730, 16 --- Link
  • Near-infrared study of the stellar population of Sh2-152
    Ramírez Alegría et al., A&A 535, A8 --- Link
  • Near-infrared linear polarization of ultracool dwarfs
    Zapatero Osorio et al., ApJ 740, 4 --- Link
  • Dust and the Type II-Plateau Supernova 2004dj
    Meikle et al., ApJ 732, 109 --- Link
  • Infrared and optical polarimetry around the low-mass star-forming region NGC 1333 IRAS 4A
    Alves et al., AJ 142, 33 --- Link
  • The GROUSE project
    II. Detection of the Ks-band secondary eclipse of exoplanet HAT-P-1b
    de Mooij et al., A&A 528, A49 --- Link
  • Near-infrared atlas of S0-Sa galaxies (NIRS0S)
    Laurikainen et al., MNRAS 418, 1452 --- Link
  • The forbidden high-ionization-line region of the type 2 quasar SDSS J11311.05+162739.5:
    a clear view of the inner face of the torus?
    Rose et al., MNRAS 414, 3360 --- Link
  • Discovery of a T dwarf + white dwarf binary system
    Day-Jones et al., MNRAS 410, 705 --- Link
  • Suzaku observation of the LINER NGC4102
    González-Martín et al., A&A 527, A142 --- Link
  • An optical/NIR survey of globular clusters in early-type galaxies
    I. Introduction and data reduction procedures
    Chies-Santos et al., A&A 525, A19 --- Link
  • Near-infrared low-resolution spectroscopy of Pleiades L-type brown dwarfs
    Bihain et al., A&A 519, A93 --- Link
  • The redshift and broad-band spectral energy distribution of NRAO 150
    Acosta-Pulido et al., A&A 519, A5 --- Link
  • 47 new T dwarfs from the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
    Burningham et al., MNRAS 406, 1885 --- Link
  • Photometric scaling relations of lenticular and spiral galaxies
    Laurikainen et al., MNRAS 405, 1089 --- Link
  • The soft X-ray and Narrow-line of Mrk 537 on Kiloparsec Scales
    Gonzalez-Martin et al., ApJ 723, 1748 --- Link
  • GRB 090902B: Afterglow Observations and Implications
    Pandey et al., ApJ 714, 799 --- Link
  • Ground-based Near-infrared Observations of the Secondary Eclipse of CoRoT-2b
    Alonso et al., AJ 139, 1481-1485 --- Link
  • HH 223: a parsec-scale H2 outflow in the star-forming region L723
    López et al., A&A 523, A16 --- Link
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy in NGC 7538
    Puga et al., A&A 517, A2 --- Link
  • Another cluster of red supergiants close to RSGC1
    Negueruela et al., A&A 513, A74 --- Link
  • Near-Infrared Spectroscopy of Seyfert Galaxies. Nuclear Activity and Stellar Population
    Ramos Almeida et al., AJ 694, 1379-1394 --- Link
  • Near-IR spectra of IPHAS extremely red Galactic AGB stars
    Wright et al., MNRAS 400, 1414-1426 --- Link
  • The discovery of an M4+T8.5 binary system
    Burningham et al., MNRAS 395, 1237-1248 --- Link
  • Candidate free-floating super-Jupiters in the young σ Orionis open cluster
    Bihain et al., A&A 506, 1169-1182 --- Link
  • The stellar population of the star-forming region G61.48+0.09
    Marin-Franch et al., A&A 502, 559-567 --- Link
  • Lucky Imaging of M subdwarfs
    Lodieu et al., A&A 499, 729-736 --- Link
  • Ground-based K-band detection of thermal emission from the exoplanet TrES-3b
    de Mooij et al., A&A 493, L35-L38 --- Link
  • Earth's transmission spectrum from lunar eclipse observations
    Palle et al., Nature 459, 814-816 --- Link, Supplementary info
  • Exploring the substellar temperature regime down to ~ 550K
    Burningham et al., MNRAS 391, 320-333 --- Link
  • Extremely red stellar objects revealed by IPHAS
    Wright et al., MNRAS 390, 929-944 --- Link
  • Fifteen new T dwarfs discovered in the UKIDSS Large Area Survey
    Pinfield et al., MNRAS 390, 304-322 --- Link
  • A young, dusty, compact radio source within a Ly \alpha halo
    Barrio et al., MNRAS 389, 792-798 --- Link
  • GRB 070306: A Highly Extinguished Afterglow
    Jaunsen et al., ApJ 681, 453-461 --- Link
  • Spatially resolved near-infrared spectroscopy of the massive star-forming region IRAS 19410+2336
    Martín-Hernández et al., A&A 489, 229-243 --- Link
  • M1-78: a nitrogen-rich Galactic compact HII region beyond the Perseus arm
    Martín-Hernández et al., A&A 482, 215-227 --- Link
  • The Unusual Distributions of Ionized Material and Molecular Hydrogen in NGC 6881:
    Signposts of Multiple Events of Bipolar Ejection in a Planetary Nebula
    Ramos-Larios et al., AJ 135, 1441-1449 --- Link
  • Unveiling the Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 Nature of Markarian 573 Using Near-Infrared Spectroscopy
    Ramos Almeida et al., AJ 680, L17-L20 --- Link
  • The 2004-2006 Outburst and Environment of V1647 Ori
    Acosta-Pulido et al., AJ 133, 2020-2036 --- Link
  • The substellar mass function in σ Orionis
    II. Optical, near-infrared and IRAC/Spitzer photometry of young cluster brown dwarfs and planetary-mass objects
    Caballero et al., A&A 470, 903-918 --- Link
  • The outburst of the eruptive young star OO Serpentis between 1995 and 2006
    Kóspál et al., A&A 470, 211-219 --- Link
  • The Population of Radio Sources in the Field of the Unidentified Gamma-Ray Source TeV J2032+4130
    Paredes et al., ApJ 654, L135-L138 --- Link
  • Near-infrared spectroscopy of the very low mass companion to the hot DA white dwarf PG1234+482
    Steele et al., MNRAS 382, 1804-1808 --- Link
  • ESC and KAIT observations of the transitional Type Ia SN 2004eo
    Pastorello et al., MNRAS 377, 1531-1552, --- Link
  • LIRIS multi-slit H_alpha spectroscopy of a z ~ 1 DEEP2 sample of star-forming galaxies
    Rodriguez-Eugenio, Nayra; Noeske, Kai G.; Acosta-Pulido, Jose;
    astro-ph/0604027 --- Link
  • A search for substellar members in the Praesepe and σ Orionis clusters
    Gonzáles-García et al., A&A 460, 799-810 --- Link
  • Pleiades low-mass brown dwarfs: the cluster L dwarf sequence
    Bihain et al., A&A 458, 805-816 --- Link
  • Multiplicity of very low-mass objects in the Upper Scorpius OB association:
    a possible wide binary population

    Bouy, H.; Martin, E. L.; Brandner, W.; Zapatero-Osorio, M. R.; Bejar, V. J. S.; Schirmer, M.; Huelamo, N.; Ghez, A. M.
    A&A 451, 177-186 --- Link
  • GRB 060121:
    Implications of a Short-/Intermediate-Duration \gamma-Ray Burst at High Redshift
    De Ugarte Postigo et al., ApJ 648, L83-L87 --- Link
  • The Narrow-Line Region of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy Mrk 78: An Infrared View
    Ramos Almeida, C.; Pérez García, A.M.; Acosta-Pulido, J.A.; Rodríguez Espinosa, J.M.; Barrena, R.; Manchado, A.
    ApJ 645, 148-159 --- Link
  • First Scientific Results of the Near Infrared Spectrograph LIRIS
    Manchado et al., LNEA 2, 249-256 --- Link
  • Deep Impact: Observations from a Worldwide Earth-Based Campaign
    Meetch et al., Sci 310, 265-269 --- Link
  • Early-Time Spitzer Observations of the Type II Plateau Supernova SN 2004dj
    Kotak et al., ApJ 628, L123-L126 --- Link
  • A search for planetary-mass objects and brown dwarfs in the Upper Scorpius association
    Costado et al., A&A 443, 1021-1024 --- Link
  • LIRIS discovers supernovae in starburst galaxies
    Mattila, S.; Greimel, R., Meikle, P.
    INGN, 9, 16 --- Link
  • LIRIS observations of SN 2004ao
    Gomez, G.; Lopez, R.; Acosta-Pulido, J.; Manchado. A.
    INGN, 9, 14 --- Link

  • Supernova 2004an in M82
    Mattila, S.; Meikle, W.P.S.; Groeningsson, P.; Greimel, R.; Schirmer, M.; Acosta Pulido, J.A.
    IAU Circular 8299 --- Link

    Technical publications

    • Characterization of the scientific grade Hawaii detector for LIRIS
      J. Acosta-Pulido; C. Dominguez-Tagle; A. Manchado
      2003, SPIE, Volume 4841, pp. 437-444 --- Link
    • Multi-slit mask manufacturing for LIRIS
      C. Dominguez-Tagle; V. Sanchez; J. Acosta; R. Lopez; M. Barreto; A. Manchado
      2001, SAIT, AstroTech Journal, vol. 4.1 --- Link
    • LIRIS (Long-slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph) Project Status
      A. Manchado; M. Barreto; J. Acosta Pulido; F. Prada; C. Dominguez-Tagle, et al.
      2000, SPIE --- Link
    • LIRIS: A Long-slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph for the WHT
      A. Manchado; F.J. Fuentes, F. Prada, et al.
      1998, SPIE --- Link

    Press releases and other publications

    • A star is born
      IAC press release, May 03, 2004 --- Link
    • First Commissioning of the IR Spectrograph LIRIS
      J.A. Acosta Pulido; E. Ballesteros; M. Barreto; R. Barreto; E. Cadavid; J. Carrillo et al.
      The ING Newsletter, December 2003 --- Link
    • LIRIS: lo que el ojo no ve
      IAC press release, February 21, 2003 --- Link
    • LIRIS: A Long-slit Intermediate Resolution Infrared Spectrograph for the WHT
      J. Acosta Pulido; E. Ballesteros; M. Barreto; R. Barreto; S. Correa; J.M. Delgado et al.
      The ING Newsletter, October 2002 --- Link


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