ING Annual Report 2000-2001 : Appendix G. List of Seminars
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ING Annual Report 2000-2001

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Appendix G
Astronomy Staff Research Publications



10 Feb The Formation of Multiple Shells in Planetary Nebulae R Corradi ING
15 Feb Mid and FIR Spectral Energy Distribution of Two Active Galaxies: NGC 6090 and NGC 7582 J Acosta IAC
21 Feb The Stellar Content of Elliptical and Spiral Galaxies from Near-Infrared Spectroscopy P James Liverpool JMU
28 Feb WHT-Integral Field Spectroscopy combined with HST-imaging of Central Regions of Galaxies S Arribas IAC
10 Mar Circumnuclear Regions of Barred Spirals D Pérez Ramírez Hertfordshire
14 Mar The Low Surface Brightness and Dwarf Galaxy Populations in Nearby Clusters J Davies Cardiff
21 Mar High Redshift Radio Galaxies as Probes of the Early Universe M Villar-Martín Hertfordshire
27 Mar The Nature of Early Type Galaxies: The SAURON Project R Davies Durham
7 Apr The Close Environment of Z CMa P Garcia ING
19 Apr Sleuthing Mass Loss from Cool Stars A Dupree Harvard
10 May Pulsational Constraints on the Evolution of Helium Stars S Jeffery Armagh
15 May Transits and Reflections: Characterising Extra-solar Planets A Collier-Cameron St. Andrews
19 May All About OASIS A Parisi Lyon
23 May Magnetised Accretion-Ejection Structures J Ferreira Grenoble
26 May Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows P Vreeswijk Amsterdam
29 May The Planetary Nebula Spectrograph for La Palma: Measuring and Modelling Galaxy Kinematics N Douglas and A. Romanowsky Groningen
31 May Recent Progress in Understanding the Origin of the Hubble Sequence R Ellis Caltech
16 Jun Photometric Redshifts: An Estimator for Galaxy Density D Batcheldor Hertfordshire/ING
4 Jul Cygnus A: Understanding the Most Powerful Radio Galaxy in the Local Universe C Tadhunter Sheffield
17 Jul Stellar Populations in Early-Type Galaxies R Peletier Nottingham
20 Jul Scientific Productivity of Large Telescopes C Benn and S F Sánchez ING
26 Jul Finding Binary Subdwarf B Stars P Maxted Southampton
9 Aug Introduction to Observatories in China J Hao Beijing
17 Aug The Polychromatic Laser Guide R Foy CRAL/Lyon
22 Aug Physical Properties of Distant Minor Planets J Davies JAC, Hawaii
30 Aug Dust Extinction at Large Radii in Spiral Galaxies R Curran Hertfordshire/ING
31 Aug Models and observational predictions for the thermal structure of MHD jets P Garcia ING
19 Sep NAOMI commissioning A Longmore ATC, Edinburgh
18 Oct Searching for satellite galaxies at medium redshifts F Prada Calar Alto Obs
27 Oct The first galaxies — clues from element abundances? M Pettini IoA Cambridge
9 Nov Gigawulf: Powering the Isaac Newton Group’s Data Pipeline R Greimel ING
10 Nov Application of Wavefront Sensors to the Optimisation of a 4m Telescope N O’Mahony ING
15 Nov Recent Gamma Ray Burst results N Tanvir Hertfordshire
19 Dec Substellar objects in Orion P Lucas Hertfordshire


10 Jan The second decade of instrumentation on HST (2001-2010) and the NGST project S Smartt Cambridge
15 Jan ULTRACAM — high-speed astrophysics V Dhillon Sheffield
17 Jan Instrumentation for SALT D Buckley SALT
22 Jan Bars and Seyferts J Knapen ING/Hertfordshire
29 Jan Interactions triggering activity in Seyfert Galaxies? B García ING
30 Jan Progress on GranTeCan J M Rodríguez IAC/GTC
2 Feb Near-infrared spectroscopy of nearby Seyfert galaxies: first results J Kotilainen Turku
19 Feb Starburst triggering and the neutral ISM in ring galaxies J Higdon Groningen
7 Mar The 2.3m ARISTARCHOS telescope E Harlaftis Nat Obs Athens
12 Mar Observational evidence for black holes E Harlaftis Nat Obs Athens
16 Mar Status of the SAURON Project on Nearby Early-type Galaxies T de Zeeuw Leiden
22 Mar The Galileo telescope and its instrumentation E Oliva TNG
26 Mar Do Luminous Ellipticals Have Young Discs? R McDermid Durham
27 Mar Quasar absorption lines as a cosmological probe: exploring the Lyman forest with VLT/UVES S Cristiani ESO
28 Mar WFCAM, quasars, and other things S Warren ICL
23 Apr Weird faint wee red beasties that make X-rays (Red counterparts to faint X-ray sources in a deep ROSAT survey) A Newsam Liverpool JMU
27 Apr Spectral analysis of Galactic OB stars C Villamariz Cid IAC
23 May CCD Design: Current Developments S Tulloch ING
31 May Probing the Fossil Record of Galaxy Evolution in M31 A Ferguson Groningen
27 Jun WHT/INTEGRAL and the VLA give clues on the formation of shell galaxies M Balcells IAC
10 Jul The Turkish National Observatory in Antalya S O Selam Ankara Obs
24 Jul AXIS (An XMM-Newton International Survey) X Barcons Santander
26 Jul Near-Earth Objects: Unanswered Questions A Fitzsimmons Belfast
8 Aug Brown Dwarfs: Origins, Evolution and Fate E Martín IfA Hawaii
22 Aug Results from the Palomar mirror cleaning and coating conference J Rey & M Blanken ING
29 Aug Searching for obscured supernovae in nearby starburst galaxies S Mattila ICL
30 Aug Two-dimensional spectroscopy of the gravitational lens SBS 0909+532 V Motta IAC
9 Oct Classical and multiconjugate adaptive optics: status review C Dolores ONERA, Toulouse
22 Oct Dynamics of the Halo of M31 using Planetary Nebulae Velocities C Halliday Liverpool JMU
23 Oct The REX survey: studying a large sample of BL Lacs A Wolter Obs Brera, Milan
6 Nov Nature and Evolution of Starburst Galaxies: The Infrared Perspective N Foerster Leiden Univ
9 Nov Do Galaxies Form at High Redshift? N Metcalfe Durham Univ
13 Nov Searching for z=4 QSOs J Holt Sheffield
16 Nov Search for Ancient Cool White Dwarfs in the Galactic Halo using GSC2 material D Carollo Astro Obs Turin
19 Nov An HST Lensing Survey of X-ray Luminous Galaxy Clusters G Smith Durham Univ
20 Nov The space density of cool white dwarfs from CCD imaging of the Serpens dark cloud S Hodgkin IoA Cambridge
26 Nov Looking into the stars. The case of the Delta Scuti variables T Dall Aarhus, Denmark
17 Dec Young Extrasolar Planets - Challenging Systems for Observations S Els Heidelberg

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