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Visitor Programme

We run a full seminar and visitor programme, and we invite all observers to spend some time before or after their runs at the ING sea-level base (or sea-level office, SLO) in Santa Cruz de La Palma, in order to give a seminar on their research or instrumentation work.

Such a visit may also allow discussion of your run with, for example, your Support Astronomer, or start the reduction of your data. We have office and computing facilities for visitors, and a good library. If you would like to present a seminar on your work, please contact the seminar organiser (contact available at the seminar programme. ING may well be able to cover your extra costs if your observing grant does not; just ask the seminar organiser when you contact him to set up your visit.

Visiting astronomers are invited to report on important highlights obtained using the ING telescopes or beautiful images to the ING Public Relations Officer (contact available at the Public Information. Sometimes it can happen that in twilight there might be an observing gap in your programme. If this happen maybe you can be interested in picking up a PR object from our list of PR targets.

Don't forget to buy an ING souvenir before leaving La Palma! Please contact your Support Astronomer or Observing Support Assistant during your run.

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Last modified: 20 June 2012