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Javier Méndez
WFC Instrument Specialist

Wide Field Camera

As a consequence of the INT upgrade and installation of HARPS3, starting on 17th June 2024 the Wide Field Camera is not offered.

WFC at INT Prime focus

WFC at INT Prime focus

The Wide Field Camera (WFC) is an optical mosaic camera for use at the prime focus (focal ratio f/3.3) of the 2.5m Isaac Newton Telescope (INT).

The WFC consists of 4 thinned EEV42 2kx4k CCDs. The CCDs have a pixel size of 13.5 microns corresponding to 0.33 arcsec/pixel on sky. The edge to edge limit of the mosaic, including the ~0.5 arcmin inter-chip spacing, is 34.2 arcmins. The cycle time for the whole mosaic is around 42 seconds. A maximum of 6 filters can be installed in the wheel. Both broadband and Stromgren filter sets are available, as well as a range of narrowband filters.


The Wide Field Camera is no longer offered after semester 24A. More information is available on the ING instrumentation update pages.

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Last modified: 24 June 2024