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NAOMI Technical Information

This page lists links to pages of NAOMI technical information mainly of interest to ING support staff. The links are summarised under headings:

General information for observers can be found on the ING NAOMI and OASIS pages. Useful telephone numbers are written in the front of the NAOMI binder of the control room.

"If the Theory of making Telescopes could at length be fully brought into Practice, yet there would be certain Bounds beyond which Telescopes could not perform. For the Air through which we look upon the Stars, is in a perpetual Tremor; as may be seen by the tremulous Motion of Shadows cast from high Towers, and by the twinkling of the fix'd Stars. But these Stars do not twinkle when viewed through Telescopes which have large apertures... Long Telescopes may cause Objects to appear brighter and larger than short ones can do, but they cannot be so formed as to take away that confusion of the Rays which arises from the Tremors of the Atmosphere. The only Remedy is a most serene and quiet Air, such as may perhaps be found on the tops of the highest Mountains above the grosser Clouds."
(Isaac Newton, 1730)

These are PR links not already included on the NAOMI main page:

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