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Summary of LIRIS Observing Commands

See also the complete list of LIRIS user commands and the UltraDAS commands for the observing system.

Acq/Comp mirror commands:

To move the Acq/Comp mirror out so that LIRIS can see the sky:

SYS> agmirror out

To move the Acq/Comp mirror in to take Calibrations:

SYS> agcomp

Imaging mode:

See the available filters and Imaging Scripts

To select a predefined imaging mode, whereby all the wheels will move into the correct position for the chosen filter:

SYS> limage <filter>    

Spectroscopy mode:

See the available grisms and slits and Spectroscopy Scripts

To select a predefined spectroscopy mode, whereby all the wheels will move into the correct position for the chosen grism and slit:

SYS> lspec <grism> <slit>  

To move only a slit into position, but leave the other wheels unchanged:

SYS> lslit <slit>

To move only a grism into position, but leave the other wheels unchanged:

SYS> lgrism <grism>

Imaging polarimetry mode:

SYS> lipol <filter>      See the available filters

Getting exposures

N.B. Parameters in square brackets are optional.

The run command takes an exposure and saves it to disk:

SYS> run liris <int time> ["title"]

With multrun N exposures are taken:

SYS> multrun liris <N> <int time> ["title"]

The following variants of the run command do essentially just the same but set the OBSTYPE FITS header keyword to a different value. Also, in the nightlog this image type is then highlighted. These commands are:

bias liris
arc|dark|flat liris <int time> ["title"]
multarc|multdark|multflat liris <N> <int time> ["title"]
To take temporary data which is overwritten the next time the same command is invoked (useful for checking and finetuning target positions or for checking exposure times):

SYS> glance liris <int time>

The eposure is saved as

SYS> multglance liris <N> <int time>

Telescope (TCS) commands

These are usually done by the telescope operator (OSA) but they can also be run by the observer from the pink window, but please check with the telescope operator first:

To add a new object to the catalogue:

SYS> object <object_name> <ra(hh mm> < dec(dd mm> <equinox> 

(e.g. SYS> object star 20 10 0.3 25 3 8.6 J2000)

SYS> add

To move the telescope to the just-entered object:

SYS> next

To move the telescope to an object if this is already listed in a catalogue which has been loaded into the TCS:

SYS> gocat <object_name>

To offset the telescope by a small amount, in arcseconds:

SYS> offset arc <x offset><y offset>  

(e.g. offset arc 10 10    will offset the telescope by 10" in both x and y).


LIRIS diagnostic commands

To show detector status and temperature of the monitoring points

SYS> detstat liris

To show mechanisms and LIRIS controller status:

SYS> lmchstat  

The configuration of all internal LIRIS wheels can be checked with:

SYS> lwheelconfig

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Last modified: 03 December 2015