7 August 2001. Cornwall Schools Astronomy Project
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Visit of La Palmita School (La Palma, Spain)

24 November 2001 and 27 March 2002

The schoolchildren and the teachers prepared this report.

Some photos of the visit

Schoolchildren and one of the teachers at the ING sea-level base [ JPEG | TIFF ]
Students preparing observations the day before at the sea-level base [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The group of observers, including teachers José Antonio and Carlos Ortega, at Roque de Los Muchachos Peak [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The same as before with the JKT in the foreground [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The visit to the William Herschel Telescope. We were shown around the ING telescopes on the observing day [ JPEG | TIFF ]
At the WHT control room [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The visit to the Isaac Newton Telescope [ JPEG | TIFF ]
And the visit to the Liverpool Telescope site [ JPEG | TIFF ]
Another view [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The group and the Jacobus Kapteyn Telescope [ JPEG | TIFF ]
WHT observer meets the students at night and explain his observing programme [ JPEG | TIFF ]
Due to the bad weather the schoolchildren met the observers at the other telescopes that night [ JPEG | TIFF ]
Schoolchildren are introduced to the observation of trans-neptunian objects [ JPEG | TIFF ]
The JKT and the WHT observers (Peter Lacerda and José Norberto González) [ JPEG | TIFF ]
Time for the snack before going to bed [ JPEG | TIFF ]

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