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ING Newsletter No. 6, October 2002

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Satellites and Tidal Streams Conference

We are pleased to announce the conference “Satellites and Tidal Streams”, organised by the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes (ING) and the Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias (IAC), to be held on the island of La Palma on May 26–30, 2003.

Current cosmological models predict that galaxies form through the merging of smaller substructures. Satellites and tidal streams might then represent the visible remains of the building blocks of giant galaxies. They therefore provide important information on the merging history and galaxy formation in the Universe. In this conference the observational evidence for substructures, their internal structure and their dynamical evolution and disruption within the tidal field of the host galaxy will be discussed and confronted with theoretical cosmological predictions of hierarchical merging and galaxy formation. Topics that will be discussed include: satellites of galaxies: bright and dark, the dark matter content of dSph and LSB galaxies, tidal streams: probes of the structure and formation of the Milky Way and other Nearby Large Galaxies, predictions of Cold Dark Matter models on small scales, compact HVCs and galactic substructure and mass substructure from gravitational lensing.

To achieve these goals, invited reviews and talks given by leading scientists in all the fields above are planned, as well as a number of contributed talks and posters presenting the recent results from the relevant fields. A preliminary list of invited speakers is: R. Braun (NFRA, The Netherlands), A. Burkert (MPIA, Germany), E. Grebel (MPIA, Germany), R. Ibata (Observatoire de Strasbourg, France), M. Irwin (IoA, UK), K. Johnston (Wesleyan University, USA), A. Klypin (NMSU, USA), D. Lynden-Bell (IoA, UK), S. Majewski (University of Virginia, USA), M. Mateo (University of Michigan, USA), B. Moore (University of Zurich, USA), J. Primack (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA), P. Schneider (Bonn University, Germany), S. White (MPA, Germany), R. Zinn (Yale University, USA).

You will find more information on the conference web site at: http://www.iac.es/proyect/sattail/

Registration opens on Thursday November 14th. The deadline for registration is April 1, 2003. The list of speakers, posters, etc. will be finalized after this deadline. Note that the total number of participants will be limited to 120.

Email contacts: Francisco Prada and David Martínez-Delgado, Co-chairs SOC (sattail@iac.es

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