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Photos of JKT instruments

Important note:

For publication or display (electronic or otherwise), all photos, images or videos must be credited: "Photo/image/video courtesy of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, La Palma" unless otherwise noted in the provided credit line. Please contact ING's Public Relations Officer  with all the details of the use.

Caption: Image of SITe chip in cryostat. This detector is commissioned with the JAG CCD Camera.
Credit: Andy Ridings
Date: 1999
Available formats: JPEG (60 K)
Caption: St. Andrews Richardson-Brealey Spectrograph.
Credit: RGO.
Date: October 1988.
Available formats: JPEG (148 K) | TIFF (4,162 K)
Caption: Cute-SCIDAR.
Credit: IAC.
Date: February 2004.
Available formats: JPEG (366 K) | TIFF (2568 K)

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