ING Biennial Report 2006-2007
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Biennial Report 2006-2007
of the STFC-NWO-IAC ING Board

Front Cover
General Information on ING

Chapter 1. Scientific Highlights
Chapter 2. Operation, Maintenance and Developments
Chapter 3. Use of Observing Time and Scientific Productivity
Chapter 4. In-house Research
Chapter 5. Public Relations

Appendix A. The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes
Appendix B. Telescope Instrumentation
Appendix C. Staff Organisation
Appendix D. Telescope Time Awards
Appendix E. ING Bibliography
Appendix F. Astronomy Staff Research Publications
Appendix G. Seminars
Appendix H. Financial Statement
Appendix I. Committee Membership
Appendix J. Addresses and Contacts
Appendix K. Acronyms and Abbreviations
Biennial Report 2006-2007 Front Cover
The biennial report in one file: PDF (66M), lower resolution: PDF (6M)

The ING Biennial Report 2006-2007
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