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ING Annual Report 2000-2001

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Appendix C
Staff Organisation

Staff at ING fall into three categories based on their conditions of employment: UK contracted staff by PPARC, NL contracted staff by NWO and staff contracted under Spanish contracts directly by ING.

Despite some anxieties amongst staff about the financial implications for ING of the proposed UK membership of the European Southern Observatory (ESO) the staffing position at ING during 2000 remained relatively stable, as was also reflected in the previous annual report. There was a small decrease, overall, in the total number of approved UK posts on-island from 38.9 to 36 direct staff year. A small number of staff employed on local contracts also left during the course of the year and, as not all were replaced, there was a small decrease in the number of staff under this category too. The level of UK based staff effort also decreased during 2000 to 4.7 direct staff year following a scheduled decrease in numbers. The total approved staff effort for the Netherlands remained at 6.9 on-island and 1.0 in Cambridge.

The year 2001 was dominated by the expected UK membership of the ESO and the implications this would have on ING’s budget. Ahead of the decision being made, a restructuring plan was developed to establish the ING’s future scientific direction and how it would absorb the reductions in funding. Inevitably, this would mean a reduction in staffing levels and by the end of the year plans had been put in place to call for volunteers for redundancy.

However, the level of on-island UK staff effort was also decreased during 2001 for 2 reasons. Firstly the additional direct staff year funded from the restructuring budget following the closure of RGO were exhausted. More significantly, the numbers were reduced under a plan agreed by the ING Board in 1999 aimed at reducing the level of contributions from the funding agencies. This meant that the approved UK direct staff year on island dropped from 36 in 2000 to 29.6 in 2001.

There was also a significant decrease on UK home-based effort. Firstly this was because PPARC agreed to provide the funding they had previously provided for 4.7 direct staff year in the UK as cash in order to provide ING with greater flexibility over how it was used to support the programme. Secondly, the 1 direct staff year previously provided by the NL was withdrawn following the resignation of the individual concerned. The list of staff in post on La Palma during 2000 and 2001 is set out below.


R G M Rutten, Director
R L Miles, Bilingual Secretary


L I Edwins, Head of Administration
M Acosta
J M Batista (from 19.3.01)
E C Barreto (until 12.9.00)
T E Dorward (from 23.10.00)
A Felipe
I García (until 29.10.00)
N L González
S S Hunter (until 30.6.00)
L A Lawler (from 23.10.00)
M Lorenzo (until 12.12.00)
J Martínez
H J Watt (until 29.2.00)

G Leeks (from 1.9.01) Hull


D J Lennon, Head of Astronomy
T Augusteijn
M Azzaro
C R Benn
M Broxterman (until 1.4.00)
R Corradi
B M García (from 1.1.00)
J N González
R Greimel
J H Knapen
C Martín
J Méndez
N O’Mahoney (from 17.1.00)
Roy Østensen (from 1.1.01)
C Packham (until 31.8.00)
J C Rey
V Reyes (until 13.1.00)
S Sánchez (until 10.11.00)
W J I Skillen
P Sorensen
J H Telting
N A Walton (until 31.10.01)
A Zurita (from 1.3.01)

Support astronomer from the University of Porto:
P Garcia (from 1.1.00 until 31.1.01)

D Batcheldor (until 31.8.00) Hertfordshire
D Bramich (from 1.9.00 until 31.8.01) Cambridge
C Crowley (from 1.9.00 until 1.3.01) Trinity College Dublin
R Curran (until 31.8.00) Herts
S Folkes (from 1.9.01) Hertfordshire
R Hijmering (from 1.9.01) Nijmegen
J Holt (from 1.9.00 until 31.8.01) Sheffield
A Tayal (from 1.9.00 until 31.8.01) Hertfordshire
C Trundle (from 1.9.01) Belfast
H Worters (from 1.9.01) Sheffield


R G Talbot, Head of Engineering

Computing Facilities:
D-C Abrams
L Hernández
N R Johnson (until 31.5.00)
G F Mitchell
J Piñero (from 31.5.01)
P G Symonds (until 31.8.01)
P v d Velde

Control Software:
D Armstrong
R Bassom
M Bec (until 31.8.00)
C Bevil
C Brodie (from 19.2.01 until 29.5.01)
R Clarke  (until 3.1.01)
S M Crosby
F J Gribbin
S G Rees
R Rutherford (from 31.10.01)

C Benneker
T Gregory
A Guillén
C W M Jackman
K Kolle
S  Magee (until 3.9.01)
R Martínez
E J Mills
P C Moore
R J Pit
A Ridings
S J Tulloch
G Woodhouse (until 31.3.01)

Mechanical Engineering:
M Blanken (from 3.8.00)
F Concepción
K M Dee
K Froggatt (until 1.4.00)
D González (from 5.9.00)
P Jolley
P S Morrall (until 4.11.01)
S Rodríguez
J C Pérez
M v d Hoeven
B v Venrooy (until 1.4.00)

Site Services:
C Alvarez
P Alvarez (until 1.9.00)
A K Chopping
J R Concepción
J M Díaz
I García (from 30.10.00)
D Gray
M V Hernández
C Ramón
M Simpson

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