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The INT WFC Pointing Model


  • 1. Single-star Calibration
  • 2. Seven-star Calibration
  • 3. Full Pointing Test

  • 1. Single-star Calibration

    This could be followed in case the observer has problems finding the target.

    The following link of the Observing Manual includes the procedure for one star calibration.

    2. Seven-star Calibration

    This must be followed by the observed in case the one star calibration does not improve the pointing. Also, the seven star calibration must be followed by all ING students during the first S/D night of any new run. Please write down the RMS and report them to the instrument specialist.

    The following link of the Troubleshooter Guide include the procedure for seven stars calibration.

    3. Full Pointing Test

    We recommend to continue to run manualy the "Seven-star Calibration" test for at least 80 (ideally 100-120) stars.

    This should be performed only by the ING staff or student support astronomers more rarely (about once every year) to re-measure the coefficients of the INT pointing model.

    NOTE (Aug 2016): The next automate script does not work properly in case of big shifts in pointing (>10"), The script was built to observe a full grid of stars to make a pointing model is in the intics machine, in

    SYS> pointing/autopnt_wfc

    (click here for the ascii version)

    It runs automatically and takes about 2 hours. When done, please inform the INT manager (Cecilia Farina) for the analysis of results.

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    Last modified: 17 October 2016