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Useful ING Internet Addresses for INT Observers

It may occur while you are observing that you cannot access to common user INT web pages (even when Internet is working properly). Sometimes (depending on the origin of this problem), an easy work around that allows access to the pages is just copy and paste in the browser the web address of the page (instead of using the page's link from other web pages).

Below is a list of wed addresses of common use for observers at INT. Please copy-and-paste the address in the browser in case links from other pages do not work (and whenever you have time make a Fault Report of the problem so it can be solved as soon as possible):

    General pages

  • Exposure time calculator:
  • Object Visibility:
  • Fault Reports:
  • Overrides:
  • ING Schedules and Time Allocations:
  • Weather and Seeing:
  • Seeing Miniview:
  • Seeing DIMMs TNG, ING, IAC all plotted:
  • ING all-sky night camera, CONCAM:
  • ING Staff List and Contact Directory:

  • WFC pages

  • WFC main page:
  • WFC filters page:
  • Landolt Faint UBVRI Photometric (look-up table):
  • WFC Operation Manual:
  • Table of 38 blank fields for sky flats:
  • WFC Troubleshooter:

  • IDS pages

  • IDS main page:
  • INT-IDS Operation Manual:
  • INT-IDS Troubleshooter:
  • Command glossary:
  • Arc maps CuAr-CuNe lamps:
  • ING Spectrophotometric Standards (look-up table):

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