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INT publications and oversubscription statistics

We include some plots regarding statistics of the request of the INT and publications based on INT observations. Lists of publications can be found amongst the La Palma technical notes. For more extended information about ING scientific productivity, please check the Use of Observing Time and Scientific Productivity page (maintained by Javier Mendez) from where the plots were taken.

Number of INT proposals:

INT number of proposal per community. The long-term proposals of the Wide-Field Survey special call in the early 2000s are not counted in.

INT oversubscription factors:

INT oversubscription factors (time demand divided by time available) per community and semester

Paper Counts:

Number of refereed papers per year from first light (publications including data obtained at the ING telescopes). With about 70-80 refeered papers published yearly, INT follows closely the WHT.

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Last modified: 11 January 2013