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Users Quick Guide


The John Whelan Library (Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes) comprises several libraries, archives and online resources. The INT Library is situated on the first floor of the Isaac Newton Telescope building and the SLO Library on the sixth floor of Mayantigo building. The SLO Library is split into a Book Library, a Periodical Library and a Display, all located on the same floor. More information, including access to the catalogues, can be found at:

Golden Rules for Library Users

  1. NONE of the items at the INT Library, the SLO Periodical Library or the SLO Display can be borrowed, except those withdrawn from use and marked as so.
  2. ALL items at the SLO Book Library can be borrowed except those labeled as 'NOT TO BE TAKEN AWAY' or 'FOR REFERENCE'.
  3. If you take a book from the shelves and you don't know where to put it back, please leave it on the RETURNED BOOKS tray at the SLO Book Library.
  4. NEVER take away a book without filling in a LOAN CARD.
  5. NEVER place a filled loan card on the shelves. Leave it in the FILLED LOAN CARDS mailbox at the SLO Book Library instead. Books must be returned within one year.
  6. After borrowing NEVER return a book to the shelves, even if you know the right place. Leave it on the RETURNED BOOKS tray at the SLO Book Library.
  7. NEVER take away the books placed on the RETURNED BOOKS tray.

Contact Details

JOHN WHELAN LIBRARY                     Postal Address: 
Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes        Apartado de correos 321 
Roque de Los Muchachos Observatory      E-38700 Santa Cruz de La Palma 
E-mail:              Canary Islands, SPAIN 

Current librarian: 
Javier Mendez Alvarez          Phone: +34 922 425 464 
E-mail:         Fax: +34 922 425 442       

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Last modified: 26 July 2015