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Visiting Astronomer's Request Form

Computing Facilities Questionnaire for Visiting Astronomers

A computer account has already been allocated for your run, details of which are available from your Support Astronomer. Please complete this form if your team :
  • requires additional guest accounts or
  • is bringing their own computers to the ING that require network access.

The ING Computer Facilities Group want to make sure your computer needs are met for your visit. In order to ensure that there is no delay in preparing the facilities for your visit, we would like you to answer the following questions where applicable. All fields in section (1) must be completed.

Section 1

Details of Your Run

Your Run Number
(Ex. P12, N3, C109, ITP2, Durham)
Your First Name
Your Surname
Your Email Address
Arrival Date
Run Start Date
Run End Date
Departure Date

Section 2

Request for Network Access

Describe the computer equipment that you will bring to the observatory which requires a network connection.

If you would like to use our network facilities using DHCP and an ethernet connection, you MUST supply the colon-separated MAC address (XX : XX : XX : XX : XX : XX) otherwise your computer will NOT be able to connect to the ING network via an ethernet cable.

Should you wish to use the ING wireless network in any other location other than the INT and the WHT control rooms, you should also specify the MAC address of your wireless interface in a separate column to that of your ethernet interface.

Click here if you need assistance in identifying the MAC address of your computer

System Type
Monitor Required

Section 3

Special Requirements

Are there any other special applications that you require(optional)?


Section 4

Request For a Guest Acccount

You will be allocated a user identifier between guest0 and guest50, with the associated Comment field containing your name. The account details will be provided by the Duty Engineer or your ING contact.

Please supply the full name for each guest account that you would like allocated.

Full Name
1st Guest Account
2nd Guest Account
3rd Guest Account
4th Guest Account
5th Guest Account

To assist you:

  • We have a supply of TFT monitors that can be borrowed, but you should bring your own keyboard and mouse. Bring a CD containing monitor driver programs if you wish to use our monitors.
  • The ING needs as much notice as possible with regards to your needs. If you postpone telling us until you arrive, there may be delays in setting up your computers.
Thank you for helping us to prepare for your visit.

For further information about available computing facilities, please read Computing Facilities for Visiting Astronomers

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Contact:  (Head of Computing)
Last modified: 21 October 2009