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ING Biennial Report 2004-2005

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Committee Membership

Name Responsibility Institution
Prof T van der Hulst (from 10.2005) Chairperson University of Groningen
Prof J Drew (to 10.2005) Chairperson Imperial College London
Dr P Crowther (from10.2004)   University of Sheffield
Dr G Dalton   University of Oxford
Dr R García López   IAC
Prof J Hough (from 10.2005)   University of Hertfordshire
Prof T Marsh (to 10.2004)   University of Warwick
Dr R Stark   NWO
Dr C Vincent   PPARC
Ms D Telfer Secretary PPARC
Director's Advisory Committee
Dr M McCaughrean Chairperson University of Exeter
Dr M Balcells   IAC
Dr P A James   Liverpool John Moores University
Dr N Tanvir   University of Hertfordshire
Dr E Tolstoy   University of Groningen
ING Time Allocation Groups
UK Panel for the Allocation of Telescope Time (PATT)
Dr R D Jeffries (from09.2004) Chairperson University of Keele
Prof C Tadhunter (to 08.2004) Chairperson University of Sheffield
Dr D Pollacco (from semester 2005B) Chairperson Queen’s University of Belfast
Dr R Oudmayer (to semester 2005B) Chairperson University of Leeds
Dr O Almainy (to semester 2005B)   University of Nottingham
Dr J Baker (to semester 2005B)   University of Oxford
Dr M Jarvis (from semester 2005B)   University of Oxford
Dr C Knigge (from semester 2005B)   University of Southampton
Dr P Maxted (to semester 2005A)   University of Keele
Dr M Page (from semester 2005B)   University College London
Dr A Sansom (from semester 2004A)   University of Central Lancashire
Dr S Smartt (to semester 2004B)   University of Cambridge
Dr P Wheatley (from semester 2005A)   University of Leicester
Dr I Skillen Technical secretary ING
NL ASTRON Programme Committee (PC)
Prof M Franx (from 09.2005) Chairperson University of Leiden
Dr H Röttgering (to 09.2005) Chairperson University of Leiden
SP Comité de Asignación de Tiempos (CAT)
Dr J A Belmonte (from 01.2004) Chairperson IAC
Dr E Mediavilla (to 12.2003) Chairperson IAC

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