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ING Biennial Report 2004-2005

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Staff Organisation


R. G. M. Rutten, Director

E. C. Barreto
L. I. Edwins, Head of Administration
N. L. González
L. A. Lawler (until 23.10.2005)
J. Martínez
B. van der Elst (to 31/03/2004)
P. v. d. Velde

E. C. Barnett (until 20.08.2004)
V. H. Jones (from 09.09.2005)
J. Keable (from 20.09.2004 to 19.08.2005)

C. R. Benn
R. Corradi
R. Greimel
P. Leisy
D. J. Lennon, Head of Astronomy
J. Licandro
J. Méndez
R. Østensen
S. Rix (from 01.06.2004)
M. Schirmer (from 01/03/2004)
W. J. I. Skillen
A. Zurita (to 31/01/2004)

PPARC Postdoc:
C. Evans (from 14.01.2002 to 14/10/2005)

P. Behrens (from 26.08.2005)
A. Cardwell (from 29.08.2005)
J. Furness (from 01.09.2004 to 30.08.2005)
A. García (from 01.09.02 to 31.08.2004)
S. Hickey (from 05.09.2005)
M. Jaigirdar (from 01.09.2004 to 29.08.2005)
F. Monterrey (05.2003)
D. Mislis (from 06.10.03 to 13.09.2004)
R. Parker (from 26.08.2005)
D. Russell (from 11.08.03 to 11.08.2004)
L. Sabin (from 19.08.2005)
S. Simon (from 01.10.2004 to 30.09.2005)
N. Styles (from 15.09.03 to 31.05.2004)

R. G. Talbot, Head of Engineering

D. C. Abrams, Group Leader
D. Armstrong (to 30.04.2004)
R. Bassom (to 30.06.2005)
C. Bevil
S. Goodsell (to 31.07.2004)
F. J. Gribbin
L. Hernández
G. F. Mitchell
A. d. Paz (from 20.09.2004 to 19.12.2004)
S. Picó (from 01.09.2004)
J. Piñero
S. G. Rees
J. Skvarc (from 05.01.2005)

Note: During the period covered by this report the Computing Facilities and the Software Groups joined to a new group, the Computing Group.

Telescopes & Instrumentation
N. Apostolakos (from 01.10.2004)
C. Benneker (to 30.09.2004)
M. Blanken
D. Cano (from 01.09.2004), Group Leader
T. S. Gregory
A. K. Hide (to 30.04.2004), Group Leader
M. v. d. Hoeven
C. W. M. Jackman (to 15.03.2004)
P. D. Jolley
O. Martin (from 09.05.2003)
A. Ridings
S. M. Tulloch

N. Apostolakos (to 30.09.2004)

A. K. Chopping
J. R. Concepción
K. M. Dee, Head of Operations
J. M. Díaz
D. González
A. Guillén
D. Gray (to 26.09.2004)
R. Martínez
J. C. Pérez
R. Pit
J. Rey (from 01.08.2004), Group Leader
S. Rodríguez

J. Hutchinson (from 14.05.2004 to 14.09.2004)

Telescope Operators
J. N. González
J. C. Guerra (from 01.08.2004)
C. Martín
N. O’Mahoney

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