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ING Biennial Report 2004-2005

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Telescope Instrumentation

The design of the WHT allows great flexibility in instrumentation as this telescope allows fast and easy switching between the Cassegrain and Nasmyth foci. For this reason, and to take advantage of the large light collecting power of this telescope, operation and developmental efforts focus on the WHT. Also visiting instruments, i.e. instruments built and used by external groups for their own use, are welcome at the WHT and have attracted a great deal of attention. The INT is equipped with only one instrument, the Wide Field Camera. A broad functional division in instrumentation capability between the WHT and INT is as follows:

William Herschel Telescope Optical pectroscopy and spectro-polarimetry over a wide range of resolving powers
  Imaging polarimetry
  IR spectroscopy
  Multi-object spectroscopy
  Areal spectroscopy
  Optical and infrared imaging
  High spatial resolution imaging
Isaac Newton Telescope CCD imaging

The following table summarises the common-user instruments which were available during 2004 and 2005:

Focus Instrument Detector
William Herschel Telescope
Cassegrain ISIS double spectrograph EEV and Marconi CCDs
  Auxiliary port camera (AUX) Tektronix CCD
  IR imager and spectrograph (LIRIS) Rockwell HgCdTe array
Nasmyth Adaptive optics instrumentation:
  NAOMI / INGRID / OSCA Rockwell HgCdTe array
Prime Prime Focus imaging Camera (PFIP) 2 × EEV CCD
  Autofib Fibre Positioner (AF2) and WYFFOS spectrograph 2 × EEV CCD
Isaac Newton Telescope
Prime Wide Field Camera (WFC) 4 × EEV CCDs


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