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The Conditions of Use for ING Computers and Networks

The Conditions of Use for ING
Computers and Networks



The purpose of the ING computer Network, INGNET, is to provide an efficient and effective computing infrastructure in support of the defined goals of the Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes.


The following conditions of use are applicable to all computers, networks and software that are known to be provided by the ING.  This includes laptops, stand-alone systems and systems that may not be based on-site.  It should be noted that breach of these regulations, particularly in relation to data protection and obscenity, may lead to disciplinary action. The more serious breaches may be considered under gross misconduct. All users should be aware that by registering with us you agree to abide by these "Conditions of Use".

These "Conditions of Use" apply to any individual using these systems, including all members of staff of the ING, visitors that have been granted the appropriate authority to use the ING computing facilities and to ex-members of staff that have been granted permission to use ING computing facilities whilst they migrate their data to other non-ING systems.

These regulations apply in addition to the following laws: 

Data Protection Act 1984
Copyright, Designs & Patents Act 1988
Computer Misuse Act 1990

All users should be acquainted with the CHEST Code of Conduct for the Use of Computer Software and Datasets.


For a list of definitions used throughout this document please refer to

Acceptable Use

Subject to the following restrictions, the computing facilities of the ING may be used for any legal activity that is in furtherance of the aims and policies of the ING.

Employees should be aware that data created or received as part of their work at the ING should be stored on systems that are archived by the CFG.

Use of ING's computing facilities for private and personal matters is permitted provided these conditions of use are adhered to and no significant cost for ING is incurred. However, ING's facilities must not be used for any private commercial enterprise.


Unacceptable Use

1. Data

  1. The creation, transmission or storage of any offensive, obscene or indecent images, data or other material, or any data capable of being resolved into obscene or indecent images or material.
  2. The creation, transmission or storage of material which is designed or likely to cause annoyance, inconvenience or needless anxiety.
  3. The creation, transmission or storage of defamatory material.
  4. The transmission, duplication or storage of material that infringes copyright.
  5. The transmission of unsolicited commercial or advertising material, except where that material is embedded within, or is otherwise part of, a document that has been requested by the recipient.
  6. The corruption or disruption of other users' data.
  7. The dishonest acquisition of data held by the ING.

2. Network

  1. Deliberate unauthorised access to facilities or services accessible via REDIris.
  2. Using INGNET in a way that deliberately denies services to other users (for example, deliberate overloading of the network).
  3. The unauthorized attachment of a device to the network.
  4. The unauthorized use of network monitoring software.
  5. Unauthorised access or attempt to gain access to a device without the appropriate permission.

3. Software

  1. The deliberate propagation of viruses with the intent to disrupt the work of other users.
  2. The installation onto ING-owned computers or the distribution of improperly licensed software.
  3. The unauthorised duplication of ING-licensed software.
  4. The unauthorised duplication of software using the ING's facilities.
  5. The unauthorised distribution of ING-owned software.

4. Electronic Mail

  1. The forging of Email headers and addresses in an attempt to mislead others.
  2. The unsolicited sending of bulk emails.
  3. The deliberate sending of inflammatory email to lists or individuals in order to upset the recipients.
  4. The random mailing to people that you don't know.

5. Computer Accounts

  1. The use of another user's username and password without their permission.
  2. The disclosure of account details to non-ING staff members is except where this information is needed for observational reasons.

6. General

  1. The use of ING computing facilities for personal financial gain.
  2. The wilful destruction of ING property.


Termination of Computer Accounts

Computer accounts on ING's network are intended for ING personnel, temporary short-term or long-term visitors (including students and visiting astronomers using the telescopes), collaborators and detached workers or contractors that require access to ING computers for work related reasons. Computer accounts of personnel leaving ING employment, of visitors leaving ING, of collaborators at the end of the collaboration, or detached workers whose work relationship with ING has come to an end, will be closed on the day of departure or when the work relationship or collaboration ceases. Only under exceptional circumstances may accounts be kept open for longer, when there is a valid work-related reason to do so. This would have to be approved by the Director in advance.

Whilst the ING will take reasonable steps to safeguard your data from irretrievable loss, it cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage of data resulting from the use of the material contained within this document. The information in this document is believed to be correct but no liability can be accepted for any inaccuracies of information contained within this document.

Copyright (c) The Isaac Newton Group of Telescopes, 2002, 2010


René Rutten

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