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SITe2 Parameters with UltraDAS

This camera has been dismantled and therefore no longer exists

Device Identification

Chip name SITe2
Year of manufacture 1995
Serial number  4321ADR01-01
First light on La Palma December 1997
Description Photo of Site chip in cryostat. Converted to run with UltraDAS December 2001

Operational Characteristics

Linear to (ADU)
Readout time full chip(seconds)
Readout time 1K square window (seconds)

Linearity measurement Courtesy Richard Hijmering using this method

NB For applications requiring good linearity (+/-1%) we recommed that maximum exposure level should be 37000 ADU in slow and 20000 ADU in fast.

Binning in FAST there is no increase in noise up to 4 x 4 binning, in SLOW noise goes up to 7e when 4 x 4 binning is used

NB  With the old Dutch controllers the selected readout speed always changed to 'turbo'  when binning. This does not happen with the new SDSU controllers, the selected readout speed is not changed. However, the time taken to readout will of course be reduced when binning, as one would expect.

Windowing is available but the first ten columns of the window are noisy.

Example readout times :   [1000:1050,1:50]            8 seconds
[1000:1050,1000:1050]  13 seconds
[1000:1050,2000:2050]  18 seconds

Vertical CTE 09999993
Horizontal CTE 0.999999

Physical Characteristics

Pixel Scale (JKT A&G) 0.33 arc/pixel
Field of view (JKT A&G) 10 x 10 arcmin (unvignetted); 11 x 11 arcmin (vignetted,70% light loss)
X Pixel size 24 microns
Y Pixel size 24 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area 2088
Y size in pixels of digitised area 2120
X size of useful imaging area 2048
Y size of useful imaging area 2048
X start of useful imaging area  23
Ystart of useful imaging area 1
LN2 capacity of cryostat  2.5 litres
Cryostat window thickness 4 mm
Distance from window to CCD 10.3 mm
Cryostat window size 61mm diameter

Operational Parameters

Flooding type  none
Operating temperature 168K
Preferred amplifier  A, (B is possible backup but noisy >20e)
Anti-blooming available no

Measured Characteristics

Quantum Efficiency

Dark current 1 e/hour
Full well bloom limit 130000 e
Chip flatness 230 micron convex bow


Two blocked column clusters close to edges of chip.

There are several hundred dark spots that cover a large part of the chip, they do however flatfield out please see the defect map Courtesy of Richard Hijmering.

Non-uniformity Horizontal cuts across the chip in red and blue. Courtesy Hijmering

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