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AG7 with UltraDAS + SDSU Gen.2

Device Identification

Chip name AG7
Year of manufacture 2004
Serial number 02101-02029
First light on La Palma  6th April 2005
Description E2V CCD 57-10-1-A64 science grade non-peltier cooled

Operational Characteristics

Speed  Fast
Bias(ADU) 461
Gain(e/ADU) 1.1
Noise(e) 16
Noise(ADU) 14.5 11.3
Linear to(ADU) 
{also see graphs below}
Readout time(s)  * 1.0

  * The time for a simplex grab is 41 ms in fast for a 50 x 50 window.

Physical Characteristics

X Pixel size 13 microns
Y Pixel size 13 microns
X size in pixels of digitised area 560
Y size in pixels of digitised area 536
X size of useful imaging area 512
Y size of useful imaging area 512
X start of useful imaging area 24
Ystart of useful imaging area 15

Operational Parameters

Operating temperature Ambient
Preferred amplifier Left

Measured Characteristics

Quantum Efficiency

Dark current 100e/s at 17 degrees C
Cosmetics none

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