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ING Data Ownership

The ING Board and the International Scientific Committee (CCI) have decided that data belong exclusively to those who acquired it for a period of one year. After this time it enters the public domain, and requests should be made to the ING Archive.

Service Programme observations, which are made by ING's Support Astronomers at the request of others, are similarly treated. However, calibration data may well be used for more than one observation and may therefore be available for several groups. It may happen that identical or similar service observations are requested by two or more groups. Requests which are approved before the data are taken may be satisfied by requiring the data to be held in common by the several groups. It is up to them how they organise themselves to process it, analyse it, relate it to other work, and eventually publish it.

The WEAVE Open-Time data ownership is described at WEAVE Open-Time Programme pages.

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Last modified: 28 December 2023