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New WHT Visitor Instruments

The procedure for bringing a new visitor instrument to the WHT is outlined below. 'New' here means new to ING; the instrument may already have been used at other observatories.

  1. The PI of a proposal for a new instrument should check the information provided on the Technical Appraisal of New Visiting Instruments page and send a draft of the Technical Appraisal Form [ Word | PDF ] to the Head of Engineering and Head of Operations (contact details at staff contacts).

  2. Not later than 3 months before the proposal-submission deadline, the PI should let the Director of ING ( know of the intention to use a new visitor instrument on the WHT.

  3. The proposal will then be discussed at ING, and a point of contact in each of the astronomy and engineering groups will be identified. Subsequent communications should be through these points of contact. In particular, visiting-instrument teams should keep their ING contacts informed about progress with preparation of the instrument, about the plan for commissioning, and (as far in advance as possible) about any potential changes to the observing schedule.

  4. It is essential that the Technical Appraisal Form is completed before the deadline for proposal submission, so that both ING and the relevant time-allocation committee understand the broader implications (commissioning, feasibility, staff overheads) of scheduling the instrument. The ING engineering and astronomy contacts will help to ensure that the form is completed on time. Information about proposal deadlines, and about how to submit a proposal, can be found on the Applying for Telescope Time page.

  5. Upon submission, inform the ING Head of Astronomy (contact details at staff contacts) of any particular scheduling constraint necessary for the operation of the visiting instrument. For instance, the number of nights the focal port must be clear of any other instruments before and after the run.

  6. Observers bringing visitor instruments should allow enough time before and after the run to supervise packing of their equipment, read more at freight information.

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Last modified: 29 August 2014