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Observing Opportunity with the WHT - Prime Focus Imaging

Following the Announcement of Opportunity ING issued on 21 March 2021, for WHT service-mode prime-focus imaging observations during April and May, we now extend this opportunity, and invite further applications for observations.

Under this call, we invite applications for service-mode imaging with a camera (the PF-QHY) mounted behind the new WEAVE prime-focus corrector, during June, July and August. Nearly all of the June nights will be for service-mode imaging. Nights in July and August are shared risk as telescope availability is subject to the (fluid) schedule for WEAVE integration. We will provide updates via this mailing list and on our web pages.

Proposals can be submitted at any time (there is no deadline) and can be for any amount of observing time. Each proposal will be scientifically graded by the relevant national time allocation committee and accepted proposals will then be queued for observation.

The PF-QHY camera is based on a back-illuminated scientific CMOS detector, with 9576 × 6388 3.8-µm pixels, giving a field of view of 10.7' × 7.1', at a scale of 0.067 "/pixel, which will be binned 2x2 or 4x4.

The camera is now equipped with a 7-position filter wheel, offering the following filters: Sloan u g r i z and a broad-band ('clear') luminance filter L-1 (the 7th position is for a blank, to facilitate taking dark exposures). Autoguiding is available for exposures taken with any of the Sloan filters, but not with the L1 filter.

This opportunity will be of particular interest to PIs requiring high-cadence observations, or observations of targets of opportunity.

Further details about the instrument can be found on the instrument webpage:

The service application form can be found on:

Marc Balcells
25 May 2021

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Last modified: 25 May 2021