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Observing Opportunity with the WHT - Prime Focus Imaging

During the integration of WEAVE at the WHT, an opportunity has arisen to offer service-mode imaging with a camera (the QHY) mounted behind the new WEAVE prime-focus corrector, during April and May 2021. There is no limit to the amount of time that can be requested.

The QHY camera (model QHY6000L) is based on a back-illuminated scientific CMOS detector, with 9576 × 6388 3.8-µm pixels, giving a field of view of 10.7' × 7.1', at a scale of 0.067 "/pixel, which will be binned 2x2 or 4x4.

The camera is equipped with a 5-position filter wheel, offering the following filters: Sloan u and i, Astronomik B (which might soon be replaced by Sloan g, with similar bandpass), Astronomik R (might soon be replaced by Sloan r) and a broad-band ('clear') luminance filter L-1.

Further details about the instrument can be found on the instrument webpage:

The service application form can be found on:

The form can be used to submit proposals, at any time until 11 April 2021 (24:00 GMT).

The proposals will be graded by the three national TACs and the highest-ranking proposals will be queued for service-mode observing.

Marc Balcells
21 March 2021

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Last modified: 30 March 2021