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Object List

If you have many objects, then create a simple target list before your observing run. It can be fed into the telescope control computer and saves you from typing coordinates late at night.

  • Write your object list in the format:

    name ra(hh mm dec(dd mm equinox

    where name can have up to 20 characters and equinox specifies the epoch of the source coordinates ("B1950", "J2000" or "APPARENT").

    M33       01 33 51.02   30 39 36.70  J2000
    NGC157    00 32 14.40  -08 40 20.00  B1950
    GJ398.2   10 39 36.74  +43 06 09.25  J2000

  • The list file must have extension .cat (e.g. Name and extension have to be lower case.
  • Once you are at the telescope, copy into the directory /wht/cat/ for example
    scp whtobs@taurus: .
  • Inform the observing support assistant (OSA) about the list name and location and she/he can include as an user catalogue into the TCS
  • Now you can move the telescope to each object loaded into the TCS, by typing this command into the window that also accepts all the other observing commands.

    SYS> gocat M33

    The OSA can do it for you, too.

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Last modified: 19 January 2014