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The LIRIS users guide
  1. Starting the system
  2. LIRIS real time display (RTD)
  3. LIRIS mechanisms
  4. Focusing
  5. LIRIS observing commands
  6. End of night
  7. Copying data
  8. Important notes

6. End of night

At the end of the night put LIRIS into sleeping mode:

SYS> lsleep

It is not necessary to shut down the observing system at the end of the night.

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7. Copying data

  • You can copy the data directly onto your laptop using secure copy:

    > scp -r /your_laptop_directory

  • Or/And you can write your data on a DVD (~4 Gb):
    • Ask for a DVD from your observing support scientist (OSS) or observing support assistant (OSA), and put the DVD in the DVD burner (located in the computer room).
    • Follow the instructions.

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8. Useful notes

  • If for any reason a failure occurs when running an observing script, slew the telescope to the object position and restart it again.
  • If the RTD control panel disappears, type the following in the system console:
    SYS> startudasrtd &
  • The orientation in the LIRIS images is North up and East left when the rotator position angle is 0 degrees. Ask the OSA if you need different sky position angles (e.g. for long slit positioning).

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