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Starting up the observing system

  • Log in to the workstation taurus
    • LOGIN: whtobs
      PASSWORD: provided by your support astronomer
    An xterm pink window (labeled "WHTICS") an xterm orange DAS (data acquisition system) windows will appear.
    Locate the corresponding DAS windows which control the ISIS detectors (check the white board above the ICS computer).

  • Start the data acquisition systems:

    • Type obssys in each DAS (orange) window. Wait until the prompt DAS> appears.

    • Type DAS>startobssys to start the software. Wait until the prompt is back and minimize this window (it is not needed until you shut down the system).

  • Start the instrument control system:

    • Type obssys in the pink window and wait to get the prompt SYS>.

    • Type SYS>startobssys
      This initializes the telescope control software (TCS) link, the detector controllers, and brings up several new windows:

      • An "identify" window.
        Enter your name and proposal identification.
      • The observing log.
        The log is automatically updated each time a new file is written to disk. To put comments on a line click once with the mouse on the line and a box appears where you can type shorts comments.
      • Two detector information displays,  one for the blue and other for the red arm of ISIS (if other cameras are operative, typically the Aux Port, other displays will be open) and one summary detector information display.
      • The "Instrument control" window where you can configure ISIS set-up (alternatively to commands from WHTICS). 
      • The "talker"  window. It displays messages from the observing system to the user.
      • The "mimic"  display.

  • If you want, you can bring up a TCS information display window. Type:

Shutting down the observing system

  • Shut down the instrument control system:

    Type SYS>shutdownobssys in the pink window and wait until the prompt is back. Most of the windows will disappear (log, detector info window, talker, identify window).

  • Shut down the DAS:

    Type DAS>shutdownobssys
    on the DAS orange window corresponding to ISIS and wait until the prompt is back.

  • Close the TCS display window manually: from the File menu, select Exit
  • Log out of ISIS's control computer (click System and then Log Out).

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Contact:  (ISIS Instrument Specialist)
Last modified: 06 July 2020