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Data Acquisition System

ULTRADAS dictionary

IDS control

bscf Move the below slit colour filter

bsnd Move the below slit neutral density filter

camshut Move the IDS camera shutter

cenwave Change the grating angle to give the give central wavelength

change_ids List all exchangeable optics and allow changing

collimator Move the position of the collimator

dekker Move the dekker slide

gshut Move the grating shutter

hart Move the hartmanns

slit Set the slit width in microns

slitarc Set the slit width in arcseconds

A&G box control

ascf Move above slit colour filter

asnd Move above slit neutral density filter

autofilt Change the autoguider filter wheel

autocentre Centres the autoguider XY probe

autopark Parks the autoguider XY probe

autoxy Move the autoguider XY probe

change_agb List contents of all filter wheels and allow a change

compfilta Move comparison filter wheel A (formerly afarc)

compfiltb Move comparison filter wheel B (formerly bfarc)

complamps Control comparison lamps

compmirror Move comparison mirror - and TV shutter

compnd Move comparison filters A and B to get desired neutral density

flipmirror Move the flip mirror

tvfilt Change the TV filter

tvcentre Centres the TV XY probe

tvpark Parks the TV XY probe

tvxy Move the TV XY probe 

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Last modified: 18 December 2010