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Object Lists

If you have a large list of objects, you probably want to create your own catalogue before your observing trip, so that you or the telescope operator (TO) do not have to type the coordinates each time you want to move the telescope, which makes observing more efficient.

  • Write your object list in the format:

    NAME RA(hh mm DEC(dd mm EQUINOX

    where NAME can have up to 20 characters and EQUINOX specifies the equinox of the source coordinates ("B1950", "J2000" or "APPARENT").


    M33       01 33 51.02  30 39 36.7 J2000
    NGC157    00 32 14.4  -08 40 20.0 B1950
    GJ398.2   10 39 36.74 +43 06 09.25 J2000
            (and so on)

  • The object list file must have an extension .cat (e.g.

  • Once you are at the telescope, copy into the directory /wht/cat.

  • Tell the TO to include as a user catalogue in the TCS.

  • Now, from the Instrument Control System window (pink) you can move the telescope to any object loaded into the TCS using the command:

    SYS> gocat M33

    Alternatively, the TO can do it for you.

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Last modified: 18 December 2010